Mar 26 2014

So in other words,people who don't like homosexuals don't have the right to their opinion?Interesting,coming from someone who shouts"acceptance" from the rooftops.....

Mar 26 2014

You are misinterpreting what he means by "ads". It doesn't mean you will have an ad play before you get to use the rift. It is a peripheral device, just like a computer monitor. You use it to view media. Within this media will be ads (just like on a website there is an ad, or in a grocery store there is an ad. It will Read more

Mar 15 2014

QUOTE | "If we need games for 10-year olds do we need to hire 10-year olds to make games? If I can't make a game for someone else I'm a shitty designer." - Laralyn McWilliams, veteran game designer, explaining why hearing 'If we want more games for women we need more women in game development' annoys her. Read more

Feb 26 2014

You have some deep-seated issues there, don't you?

Feb 3 2014

So he's a heel. He should show up to the next game wearing a fur coat and bedazzled glasses, with Trebek's daughter on his arm.

Jan 28 2014

While I'm not particularly a LoL fan, it really seems that folks hate on it because it is that popular. It seems a lot like people hating on WoW just to do so, that it's the "thing" to do.

Now, I'm not pointing fingers at you specifically, your reply was just a convenient place to give commentary about this. Whether Read more