Dec 5 2015

Hey there! I’m the scout in this gif. I made an account here on Kotaku for the sole purpose of hand delivering you my response to your comment, in video form:

Dec 5 2015

Response to your comment, as you actually made a unproven claim, everyone plays as scout, so if you play as scout you’re a bullshit annoying asshole,

Jul 2 2015

I’m loathing this wildly victimized world we live in. Everybody always feels attacked. Stop people from flying the flags wont stop they way they feel and act towards people if you so insist that is must be directly associated with racism. If anything, this will turn Rebel Flag-flyers against the people victimizing Read more

Jun 30 2015

Super classy. I’m glad you didn’t wait for the wreckage to stop smoldering before having some fun at Indonesia’s expense. Read more

Jun 20 2015

Because you know that how? A law abiding citizen in the U.S. may have shot him (or his tires out) before he could have done harm. You do not know either way, so why make such a claim?

Jun 20 2015

So what are the odds this guy’s an islamist?

Jun 19 2015

Uhrm, if you think that needs just ‘modest’ body work, I think you need to take a second look at the vid. Read more

May 29 2015

Your detailed knowledge of dildos is impressive.

May 20 2015

This article is just heavily biased towards the guy who was trying to make the team. You have to remember that the League community is young, so there are lots of kids hanging around that don’t have critical thinking skills and may have thrown their own, or their parent’s, money at this half-baked scam. Read more

May 12 2015

At the end of the day, the game is free. They even facilitate people learning new heroes by rotating them every so often, never mind offering ways to gain in-game currency or drop small amounts of real-life dosh to get new heroes. Read more