Jul 16 2014

I joined the Kendo club in UC Davis and practiced for two years, then practiced for another semester at a city college since graduating. Kendo is challenging and fun as hell, I lost 25lbs and I was in the best shape of my life. I've since gained the weight back, I really want to go back. Read more

Jul 16 2014

I wish i had something like Kendo to do in my area or something that just let me swing objects around without being judged.

Jun 6 2014

Sir Kenneth Blockington, Duke of Flipswich

Jun 1 2014

If you can't Dodge it, Ram it.

May 29 2014

I hate using all caps. It's so juvenile, BUT YOU ALL SHOULD READ THIS... I'm pretty sure that's a Solomon Kane game, and if it isn't... that's a wasted opportunity.…

Too lazy to click a link? Solomon Kane was a Fictional character created by Robert E. Howard (Father of Conan). Who was a

May 21 2014

Worth mentioning—final stage episode 1 and 2 are now out, but no sub available yet

May 21 2014

A car doesn't truly have soul until it's 20 years old and starting to rust.

Apr 25 2014

That's the one. I know because I've broken one off of my lowered TSX running over a speed bump.

Apr 10 2014

I think you have congress confused with NASA.