Sep 18

Yeah he is a keyboard player as evidenced by the onscreen display. Most of the tippity top scorers use keyboard as it can be more precise. There are some other top scorers that don’t use keyboard though and use just a playstation controller, like drthps and andythps mentioned in the article

Sep 8

Yep, got wiped in Trios because we forgot how quickly the first circle closes.

Sep 7

No doubt! My team had collected 6 early recons, so we knew where the last circle would be. Normally we’d take a truck in, but we had to hoof it. Ended up getting killed with 5 circles left, SMH.

Sep 7

Racing to the buy station contract never felt so tense when you’re hoofing it 500m on foot.

Aug 27

Stout. Float. Any kind of stout. Coffee stout? Float. Chocolate stout? Float. Milk stout? Float. Read more

Aug 10

You might have an argument, except that Doug TenNapel is writing bigoted shit now, today (okay, last week). Read more

Aug 6

Wow, they have Hachiko advertising the gubernatorial election.  Whozugudboy!

Aug 2

If that workplace has become so toxic their first stop should have been HR not fucking twitter. Read more

Aug 2

Oh, you don’t know the half of it. I must have broken every pane of glass in Seattle. The feedback and sound on that is so satisfying.

Jul 31

All I take away from this is cheese gyuudon is tasty.

Jul 29

Hey Sega! release this in the US already. people will buy it.

Jul 20

I’m from St Louis City, which is almost 50% black and voted overwhelmingly for Democrats. We sure as hell do NOT want to be slumped in with the shitehole state of Missouri! So don’t lump us with the rest of the idiot state, thanks. The same goes for Kansas City, which is hugely diverse and Democratic, too.

Jul 14

This fucking sucks. I went to high school with Grant, and he was one of those people who literally never said or did a single thing that wasn’t kind or thoughtful. When he made it big, doing the weirdly brilliant stuff he loved, I was happy, because it meant the world was working the way it was supposed to: greatly Read more

Jul 2

Also see: Shoes/Shirt policies

Jun 19

They should have waited until they were at full altitude to toss him.

Jun 18

Does she have a twin named Data?

May 11

Haha! The M2 is made out of wood, and the AT4 is marked "Inert".