Feb 6 2017

And you think that brawling in the streets like a bunch of Vikings is going to settle things down? You do know that violently attacking those with differing views is one of the hallmarks of fascism, right? As fucking reprehensible as Spencer is, you won’t defeat him with physical attacks - all you’re doing is Read more

Jan 15 2017

Hate to tell you but Lewis isn’t helping anything. As a democrat and someone who voted for Clinton I couldn’t be more embarrassed by the Democrats. We are now doing the exact damn thing the Republicans did for 8 freaking years. Acting like children instead of handling this as adults which would be through action and Read more

Oct 20 2014

No, this doesn't make any sense. We're supposed to vote in a few weeks, and "Ebola ain't that big a deal, 'cuz we got this under control, yo" isn't on the ballot. WHERE IS THE FEAR? No, clearly this is liberal propaganda and we're all at risk of Ebola coming in from Mexico.

Oct 3 2014

Noooo, Nicolas Cage, whyyyyy? You can do much better.

Sep 16 2014

::SIGH:: I wish I could post the Jesus Jons song..."Right here, right now" with the lyric "watching the world wake up from history." Read more