Maybe you didn't see the video because I saw several pairs of white legs.  Read more

Let's face it, The Root has been invaded by white people for a good while now, and it's devolved from a former safe space to trolls, mockery and talking down to.  Read more

Tina Marie also stayed true to the genre and never swayed, like say Pink 😒 Read more

You read a whole LOT into what I did and didn’t say. That speaks to you more than me. I made it patently clear I had no qualms under the circumstances that the phrase be used. Then you came to your conclusion under thin air because I never even stated my opinion on the matter save for as a response to your reply. And Read more

In answer to the headline: YES  Read more

Affirmative Action is a part of Civil Rights and I neglected to specify, true. But I stand firm by what I said. I said nothing about being exclusionary or gate keeping and I disagree with not being able to say the victim’s name in various news and media outlets in the UK. And in this particular case, for this Read more

If you had any knowledge of the Say Her Name campaign you’d know how heavily it has pushed for the justice of black transwomen so I don't understand why you are throwing vitriol at the writer beyond bringing some much-needed context to this tragedy that should've been directly in the article.  Read more

Considering white women are the biggest group benefitting from civil rights and then become Karen's that vote republican you're standing on shaking ground concerning harmony and integrity.  Read more

Please take a moment to scan through Grey's and salvage the meaningful comments? Thanks for your time.  Read more

Because “Look, a black woman!” Read more

Meghan Markle has very specifically identified as “mixed” and never as black. There is privilege in this. Plenty of biracials identify as both. A whole fuck ton of us knew her entrance into the royal family would be her ultimate wake-up call to blackness. Yet it never entered her head. THAT’S privilege. A lot of Read more

I'm always just amazed to see that he's still living and looking good. Every time something comes up about Dick Van Dyke I'm always like "But I thought he was dead!"  Read more

Thank you for emphasizing this point 💜 Read more

A favor? Could you please ungrey my reply to Wrestle fire? I comment on The Root. Thank you if you took time to read this.  Read more

You’re forgetting to factor in race; black women are already viewed disdainfully. Black women have been called bitches, men, monkeys, gorillas, been gynecologically experimented upon as slaves to advance the care of white women, been raped as domestics and copied by the Kardashians while being called ugly. When has Read more

Thus proving that having a child/children by a black woman doesn’t mean you can’t NOT be misogynoiristic/antiblack/racist in your everyday life. Read more

My heart aches for all of these men and how they were treated. It's astounding the horror they endured. And the fetishism of black gay men and how it culminated into this heinous crime.  Read more