Nov 8

... it’s because Biden said trans-rights, innit?

May 15

Well, I’m sad. I’m not a boomer, but I am a plus-size gal who wears suits to work. In my medium-sized city, I can find work clothes at Penney’s (and then accessorize to dress them up a bit) or online. Dillard’s has some plus women’s suits, but not many, and they hang like garbage bags.

Apr 30

Yeah, I was with you until the “entitled millenilal” part. What a great way to age your opinion, and feed into one of the most laughable stereotypes. She’s an entitled person. Most millennials aren’t entitled, they are just living in perhaps the most difficult financial time in decades and decades, in general.

Apr 7

Come on now, you can’t mention the Boomerang without putting up the photo now.

Mar 3

SD2Vita adapter will let you use a micro SD in place of your game card slot. You have to softmod your Vita to use it

Feb 20

Jim doesn’t need clicks, as he has patreon. Most of his ad-revenue gets taken by Nintendo

Feb 19

As I’m sure Jim Sterling would say, Fallout: 76 is the gift that keeps on giving... stories to game journalists because of how shoddy it is.

Feb 17

Is Japan any more homophobic than any other country as a nation? I was always under the impression that while Japan is a conservative country(even more so than the US) that most of their most problematic stuff was coming out of the game and anime industries. Especially since a large chunk of their income comes from Read more