7:33 AM

Children in cages? Can’t be bothered. Nazi’s marching in the streets? No big deal? President colluded with a foreign government to dig up dirt on a political opponent? Who hasn’t done that? Billy Porter on Sesame Street in a gown? Avert your eyes children. Don’t gaze upon that evil vision or you will surely perish. Read more

5:12 PM

I’ll admit, when I first read about this game I would have been willing to defend “Savage” in the name without blinking. The game’s main loop really seems to be less “explore” than “exploit” and gameplay description makes it sound like any other life is only present to be killed. I seriously thought “Savage Planet” Read more

3:15 PM

I play games during bathroom time...  get on the phone.. take a nice #2  away from boss

10:37 AM

I have about 6 medications, one is a diuretic, i also have IBS.
thanks for your concern my doctor wrote notes that i provided to my company Read more

6:07 PM

We also call them FARTs. Feminism-Appropriating Radical Transphobes. 

4:22 PM

Perhaps the single best example of an Actor altering the original script for the betterment of a Motion Picture...Pure genius.

3:27 PM

I got the distinct impression that baby Yoda heard what Cara and Mando were talking about (going back to Navarro) and tried to steer the ship away. I don’t think he was just being cute, he was being protective of his friends.

1:55 PM

“He’s not in this part of the book” seems like a pretty weak defense. Like, that doesn’t mean he’s fired, that means he’s on hold. Also, if you were planning on making Anansi Boys, and having Jones reprise his role for that, he also wouldn’t really be fired. Read more

6:00 AM

It’s still incredible how trolls manage to not read a single word I wrote and still come to a bunch of wrong ass conclusions lol. Also, if you want to convince Black people that you are both educated and Asian, perhaps study grammar.

1:57 AM

This study outlines basically all of the exact reasons that I decided to start my own business instead of continuing to climb the White corporate ladder. Eventually, you just run into a bunch of glass ceilings. Read more

4:33 PM

Personally, I think Finn and Poe are just bros in the painfully close way that two frat bros, who have very stunted understanding of interpersonal relationships, jive with one another. It’s not romantic, it’s just awkward and very intense as friendship bonds go. I think that fits especially for Finn, who had a lot of Read more

1:44 PM

“How the fuck are you not a marginalized member of this goddamn society?” Well the fact that you walked into a play directed by a black man, decided to lambaste him and walked out with your teeth kinda shows this. Oh the fact no matter how many fucked up things happen to you, not one white person will deem you a Read more

6:06 PM

Gotta give props to dude for having the balls to call u up and open a dialogue. 

7:56 PM

Okay, so, when this game first came out, I defended it as hard as any human on these boards could. I wanted Fallout, I didn’t care what form it took, and this concept had great potential in my mind so I was willing to overlook the shitty launch, the MTs, patches and whatnot. I thought the concept, while not novel, had Read more