Jan 2 2019

Don’t tow stuff using the tow ball in this manner ffs. I know this isn’t a video on towing safety etc, but I hate seeing this kind of thing. Better idea would be to remove the tow ball mount completely, put the loops of the straps in the hitch receiver and hold them in place with the hitch pin. Read more

May 23 2018

Wonder if a series of inch or so high, shallow angle diagonal speed humps that are ~4’ long would do it. At 40 you may not even notice it, but at 60 it should be enough to start the white knuckle process.

If you can’t law the kids into not speeding, make it impossible to drive that fast on that road.

May 2 2018

Headline may have been updated to reflect 5 dead, but the URL hasn’t. This is just another reason why long URLs with article or headline contents embedded within them is a terrible idea.

Mar 16 2018

There are no female Mustangs... part of what makes reproduction so tricky.

Jul 11 2016

Don't you wish Microsoft had a program for creating charts and graphs... It would be Excel-lent.

May 24 2016

In 2011, I traveled to the southern coast of South Africa. The flight there was expensive but my money went a long way there. There is a lot of European influence on their food and everyone you interact with speaks English. 5 of my top 10 meals were during my trip to South Africa and the meals were 1/2 the price that Read more

Jan 14 2016

Yay! Way to go editing the video and making it shitty and unentertaining.

Dec 18 2015

In Monroe, LA, there are drive up liquor stores which sell pre-made mixed drinks. They serve them to you in a to-go cup with a standard fast-food lid that allows you to use a straw. If you punch a straw through it, it becomes an “open container” and illegal. HOWEVER, if you remove the top, take a sip, and replace the Read more

Dec 15 2015

This is one of the best pieces of automotive journalism I’ve read in some time (maybe ever). Thank you Raph, for digging into this and synthesizing it into a great read.

Dec 3 2015

We should have a car marketplace for Oppos. I would love to list my car up for sale to just members. It would be great for both parties, since there will be contact with the previous owner, the car will have been taken care of by an enthusiast and will continue to be taken care of, and at the very least, it will be an Read more

Nov 24 2015

So, all the common things a truck should be able to do. Check it out!

Nov 20 2015

Just make sure whatever brand you buy, you buy that brand and no others. A battery comes with each tool, usually, so if your drill battery dies you can steal one from the sawzall. As for tools brand, I prefer the Makita, but after buying a polesaw I now have some kobalts as well. Read more

Nov 20 2015

The road from Mombassa to Nairobi is actually quite dangerous. One of my distant relatives (a prince, actually) was killed a few years ago in a horrible traffic accident. It took his barrister a few months to find me via email. I was sad, but, good news is...cha-ching! I inherited $47 million US. A few Western Union Read more

Nov 2 2015

Unfortunately, the graph compares the current model to going to standard time year-round. Many people would prefer to go on DST year-round.