This plays into my desire to create a meme claiming that Gary from Are You Afraid of the Dark was played by Justin Trudeau, because I’m convinced Americans would believe it and share it on Facebook without checking..
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YES! Also I was traumatized at the thought of getting an Awful Waffle. It was akin to waterboarding in my childhood brain.
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Keep fighting the good fight, Target. Between this and y’all, you know, treating trans people like actual people, I can feel Bill O’s blood pressure going up. Read more

Alice Cooper’s mom needs to see if he has a random Dali print laying around, as well.

This needs waaaaayyy more stars. Foreshadowing, anyone? Read more

I suspect you just want this...

Everybody needs to consider that this arrest is not a mistake: it is part of a deliberate policy. Going after the validated and innocent is part of the “shock and awe” doctrine that the Trumpkins tested out during the campaign, and are now experimenting with until they perfect it. Read more

Great article. Thank you. I appreciate you reviewing the history of the treaty and its importance then and now. Read more

I guarantee you she is a better american than you’ll ever be Read more

Godzilla is starring in a Millie Bobbie Brown movie. Please edit your article accordingly. Read more

I’m pretty sure her idea of helping people is probably the same as Derek Zoolander’s. Read more

Just the fact that he’s mentally disabled should make it a hate crime. These cowards deserve to get the book thrown at them. Read more

What is the reason why we need sex listed on birth certificates, then? Read more

What is the reason why we need genders on birth certificates at all? Read more

I love how everything’s “unprecedented.” “Well, we’ve never had this happen before! We don’t know what to do!” Read more

no. everything he is doing as pres-elect and everything he will do as president will be to fatten his own pocketbook. Read more

Kayleigh McEnany is an anagram for Evil Succubus. Read more

I’m guilty of wishing someone would stab them while shouting “You’re not being stabbed! Your pain is a hoax! Facts don’t matter! Your blood isn’t spattered!”
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