Oct 9

They are basically caricatures of Japanese silhouette race cars from the 70s and 80s. The designs are taken from these race cars and turned up to 11.

Sep 27

Gumball Rally ranks pretty high up there. I do have a decently long list of movies that I love and would put in this catagory.

Sep 24

Denali is just a clever Freudian slip of “denial”

Sep 22

Saying Hi and knowing your employees friggin names is NOT the same thing as “being besties”. The president of my company sure doesn’t have time to chit chat with everybody or “be friends” but he knows HUNDREDs upon HUNDREDs of staff and partner names and says hello by name to every one of us. We’re also forgetting Read more

Sep 22

Doing a show like this and having to interact with hundreds of guests a year must be exhausting.”  Then GET A DIFFERENT JOB.  

Sep 15

I’m sure Tom likes feeling like a badass when doing his own stunts but if he so much as breaks his ankle film production comes to a screeching halt and 100-plus crew members have no work for the next 6 weeks. Read more

Sep 15

Even then, all of his movies would be greatly improved if he wasn’t in them.