Jul 10 2018

I’m going to watch this on a loop and fanboy scream in the privacy of my own home (much louder than when I screamed in the theater). This how heroes are supposed to show up, goddamnit! Last-minute-nick-of-time shit!

Jul 9 2018

Wind & solar projects are going in like crazy, and prices are dropping. According to Lazard’s LCOE, unsubsidized wind and utility-level solar are cheaper than coal. There will be a continual march of progress. Even if coal gets subsidized, Dems will get back in power at some point in the next 50 years and switch the Read more

Jul 3 2018

Given a well-written, smaller scale story, Hawkeye can be an excellent character.

Jul 3 2018

I think one of the best things they could do is make it a straight up spy action-thriller, where she’s being targeted by another Black Widow.

Jul 3 2018

I’m curious to see what the plot, setting and cast will be for this movie, but of course all that really matters is Scarlett’s in it...

Jun 24 2018

I thought the reason was just because Edgar Wright wanted to do a passing of the torch movie, and they didn’t want to completely change all the casting and plans when he was booted off? Read more

Jun 21 2018

Do you think James Cameron can even conceive of the irony of old man griping about superhero movies, when he’s making a fifth sequel to a movie from 30 years ago?

Jun 11 2018

Well luckily this is just a Twitter beef and not an actual court case, because an IP address is not sufficient proof in itself. You could say you let someone use your computer, or that someone used your wifi connection. Read more

Jun 10 2018

You mean people didn’t come for Fallout? Cause I’m pretty sure most people came for Fallout.

Jun 7 2018

Pretty sure that’s a Gosling and not a Reynolds...