Jun 23

He admitted guilt, which I believe is a positive step. Personally, I don’t expect a man to spontaneously possess complete insight into his own destructive behavior. Apologies are just words, I agree, but proof - on his part - of actual change will take time. Read more

Nov 20 2019

You are an idiot. The movie made $1,000,000,000 worldwide. How many incels do you think there are?

Aug 21 2016

TWD is starting to become boring. How many more times can they escape some bad people only to wander around in the woods until they meet some more, worse people? I can’t imagine this show being interesting after 12 seasons, but if they do string it out that long, they need to start turning things around, and make it Read more

Aug 20 2016

This is patently false and that’s coming from someone who said...” mean Joe from News Radio and MMA, Joe Rogan??!” when I first heard of him having the talk series. He spends hours with his guests and some of them are cooky, but he most certainly isn’t. His show with Sam Harris was fantastic as well as his Read more

Aug 19 2016

Wow it sounds like no body bothered to go listen to it for themselves before commenting on the contents of the pod cast. Why don’t you listen to it first then nurse an opinion.

Jun 27 2016

Just going to throw this out there but: Peak Design Everyday Messenger. I’ve tried a lot of bags in the past and this is by far the most well thought out, versatile, and useable one I have come across.

Just going to throw this out there but: Peak Design Everyday Messenger. I’ve tried a lot of bags in the past and

Nov 18 2015

You may as well have said something nice about George Lucas or JJ Abrams’s Trek or Whedon’s Age of Ultron. While those guys are on a more agreeable point of the political spectrum, the level of bile for whatever they supposedly ruined would be about the same. Just accept that every anonymous user on the web is prone Read more

Aug 12 2015

I want one set up for photography. It would make changing lenses on the fly a hell of a lot quicker.

Jan 23 2015

Nice to see someone from Highland Park land on their feet.

Apr 5 2014

the poster boy for Cleveland pride—identified only as Rodriguez

Mar 20 2014

Feels like a good opportunity to post Andrew WK at Gathering of the Juggalos.