As I said. I don’t qualify for the tax credit. AGI too high. Read more

Easily the Custom Campervan challenge.

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Hard to distinguish between all the awesome specials they produced, but for a single segment, my go-to is Jeremy and the Reliant Robin. Can’t watch it without violent fits of laughter, and I’ve watched it many times... Yes, they messed with the Reliant’s differential to make it easier to roll-over, but it’s still

I must be lucky, because I use the same old ass gas and my mower starts right up after a handfull of pulls. Then 1 or 2 pulls every mow after that.
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I love the R1S, but unfortunately it is way out of my budget.

The split tailgate (yes!!) is my favorite feature. But I also like the style, the interior design, the range, the towing capacity. It is a do-everything vehicle that I could daily, go camping with, and tow my boat.

Maybe in the future when they have economies Read more

I’d be interested to hear if anyone has actually used it with success.
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This EV won’t work for me because the commute to my job is 20 miles each way and once I get there they don’t give me enough money to buy this car. Read more

If you really want a mind trip think about the power. A ge powered 777 cruises using about 40 to 50 megawatts of power. Think of that in terms of homes powered (up to 45,000). Read more

You mean the built in taco holder?

Yeah, that’s what bubbles normally do! Read more

Feels a bit like a solution in search of a problem. Read more

They know exactly what works and what don’t work out in the dessert.”, fudge topping and sprinkles, but hold the maraschino cherry?

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For someone like me who really doesn’t give a crap about serious off-roading, and would be using it more as a daily driver, they should be worried: there are plenty of reviews and anecdotes about the Jeep’s crappy ride quality st speed, and likely that won’t change if they shove a V8 in there or a hybrid. Read more

When Jeep’s first “Advantage” is heritage, my response is,

Small utility trailers are the tool for this. 
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They most certainly have that right. Read more

Instead of saying “China beat the US” on certain weapons, what you really mean is “China publicly showed these weapons first” Read more

One thing to note is if one looks at the US ISM PMI (Institute of Supply Management - Purchasing Managers Index) trends, you can see any manufacturing/ordering gains since 2016 have been wiped out and we’re back to mid-2012 levels. That’s where we were just starting to recover from the Great Recession of 2008. In Read more