Joel Rubin

It's how Advance Earned Income Credit worked for several years. So saying "that's not how credits work" is wrong—it's been done that way before. Read more

Honestly I'm pretty damned close to the Medicare limit. But my worry is that people who are well above it will just have a sudden new expense—an end-of-the-year refund increase isn't going to cut it for a lot of people. A per-check prorated credit would work, as would allowing the credit on 2013 taxes and allowing Read more

Come Jan 1 2014, how long until I can see help paying for insurance? Read more

They could have very easily installed a removable plastic cover and simply sold a plug-in analog stick instead. Read more

I keep hoping that 38 Studios will go into liquidation, and sell off the IP. And the company that hired all the BHG employees buys that IP, and Amalur lives again. Read more

Yup, that is indeed the picture they showed me twenty years ago in Bible Class to convince me dinosaurs are *gasp* still here!

You know what? I remember having this exact "revelation" in Bible study in Catechism class—in Nineteen-Freaking-Eight-Nine Ay Dee. Read more

...they made several. I don't see your point.

Depends if I'm alone in the house and can crank the sounds or not. Read more

It's almost as powerful as the "silent mew"—all the action and movement of a mewling kitten, but above the range humans can hear. Read more

That goes beyond creepy—it's actually chilling. One, that someone would think it; two, say it; and three, hear it and actually laugh and brush it off instead of calling it out as a horrible thing to say. Read more

My wife took shop in high school. She wound up doing all the year's assignments in two months, then just building furniture. Read more

EDIT: Extreme sleep deprived super-long rambling follows... apologies up front. Read more

Okay, high-five agree with your first point, completely disagree with your second. Read more

This is America, see. In 'Merikuh, people are "kids" until they're 25 if they're innocent, or law-abiding, or white, or rich, or do something dangerous/stupid/foolish. Read more

What discussion can we really have about a benchmark? Really? Very little. So I was trying to draw it out to a wider discussion, drawing a parallel between this and game design in general. It. Was. A. Metaphor. Read more