3:36 PM

Ha yeah, while I definitely have thoughts about her relationship with a man who knew her from when she was a child, it’s an entirely normal human emotion to think of someone who played a significant role in your life and what they would think of your decisions, especially after they pass away.

1:22 PM

Unnerving? He was basically the only man she had ever been with. Yes, I absolutely get the creepy aspect of it. Who says there is a timeline on grief. They loved each other, she misses what was probably to her the love of her life.

12:07 PM

The real frustrating bit is that fat-shaming and weight is also a matter of perspective. I’m 5'1" and have been above 130 pounds for the majority of my adult life. According to an article on this very site a few years ago, that wasn’t “big” enough to “shed my thin privilege”... except I’ve had multiple boyfriends,

11:55 AM

Be strikingly beautiful ( well, to me she is...;-), whiplash funny, in a happy relationship and be a luscious brown Goddess ( I am half-Indian so completely subjective!!) whilst using her platform in a very positive manner? Also, Hazel, lay off successful brown women and stick to your fawning over Miley ( who I to like

11:02 AM

The tone that this site has taken towards Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus also seems very odd to me. He was divorced by his wife via a text message, who then went out of her way to been seen in public with her new partner just hours after sending that text message (and was in all likelihood cheating on him before then).

11:00 AM

I’m seriously confused by what I’m reading on this site. I’ve never had weight issues, I am tall and thin, and I’ve also never heard the end of it from anyone around me. Women and men have been commenting on my body since I was ten. It’s partly why I’ve never been fat- because I’ve never been allowed to be fat. This

10:41 AM

It’s so perplexing to me! It’s like nothing any famous woman does in the way of activism is ever good enough. The go-to approach seems to be to pick holes in whatever they’re doing, and then gleefully point out all the holes. (For some reason Cardi B is an exception to this rule. Everything she does seems to be

10:22 AM

I feel like Jezebel has become a platform where people write using snark in place of an actual personality or opinion. And it’s getting boring as shit.

10:22 AM

She’s got a bigger megaphone than anyone on Jezebel. Which is a good thing, right? 

10:06 AM

Jameela Jamil, patron saint of reminding the world that we live in a superficial and sexist society as if she were the first to discover that, is taking her “activism” in a slightly different direction.

10:06 AM

We need clicks! Without the money from these clicks we wouldn’t be able to fund the groundbreaking reporting on how Liam Hemsworth is feeling. And the clicks from that article are used to fund this article! See? Capitalism! 

10:05 AM

Stop it. Stop attacking women for having opinions, speaking out, and trying to make things better. What the hell happened to Jezebel? I’ve been around here for years, and recently the rhetoric has just become so hateful and isolating. This is ridiculous. 

10:03 AM

I came here to say this exactly. Why is Jez suddenly hating on every woman who speaks out on something, regardless of whether it’s a good or bad message?

9:56 AM

“has been co-opted recently by women of totally socially-acceptable, skinny shapes and sizes who think the movement is just for anyone who feels good or wants to show off their armpit hair”...You guys know that Jameela has a history of eating disorders since childhood, right? And that she was severely fat-shamed by

9:46 AM

Man, people really can’t win. Jameela Jamil has been saying mostly the right things for a long time, and backs it up by taking celebrities who hawk dangerous ideas and products to task. So she’s not the first to say these things, does that mean she shouldn’t say them? Or that she deserves this snotty recap of her

8:42 PM

I’m not proud of it, but the closest I’ve gotten to being That Middle-Aged White Woman Who Wants to Speak to Your Manager has been when my food delivery order hasn’t come. There’s something elementally enraging about it.

4:25 PM

“Rich folks are rich because they know what to do with their money, unlike poor people”.

4:19 PM

How the fuck do you live in Chicago with all its problems and people that need help and you decide to use $100k of your own money to bail out singer EVERYONE knows is a fucking creep?