40 min ago

Justin Bieber looks like he’s doing a victory lap after barely passing his truck driving school test.

52 min ago

Yeah, I get how every article on this site about those two has to be melodramatic whinging, along with wild misunderstanding of basic facts, but people are going to know who they are if they aren’t called Sussex Royal.

1 hr ago

She’s far from “fun”, she’s a tasteless, crass jerk, right up there with Jerry Springer.

2 hrs ago

At this point, I’m convinced she’s doing/saying these things just to stay in the news. She dragged out the speculation about her marriage for as long as she could before looking like a whipped fool. When that was played out, it was the sober living facility. Then her son. What’s she got left? “I’ll just say something Read more

11:57 AM

They’ll be fine with or without the “royal” but it’s really telling that the RF is letting Andrew the fucking pedophile rapist keep all his titles. It’s bad enough he was BFFs with Epstein, but on top of that he’s got shady dealings with all kinds of unsavoury charcters and his ex-wife got caught in a pay for play Read more

11:23 AM

Justin will inevitably turn into some weird type of Vanilla Ice, Kid Rock, Jesse Ventura, Ted Nugent type of washed up, dry ass fruitcake.

10:39 AM

You have to start ‘em early. My 10yo understands (at a basic level) loan interest, buying vs leasing, that I actually have to pay for things after I use my credit card, etc.  

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10:31 AM

Yep. It’s very simple to do. Especially if you’re already a super famous commodity. It wont hurt them at all. If they were an unknown struggling business trying to create name recognition it would be a different story, but Harry and Megan will be fine.

10:05 AM

Keep the name and make Liz sue them which will even be more embarrassing for that group of inbred spoiled halfwits who think they are so important because they lucked into the crown.

9:37 AM

What if they just told the Queen to get bent and continue to use it?  I could call myself PenguinRoyal and there wouldn’t be a damn thing the British aristocracy could do about it. 

11:28 PM

Besides being a horrible thing to say, you know what else isn’t a great strategy? Letting the “middle of the country” know that you think they’re a bunch of prejudiced yokels who can’t handle the nuances of something like trans issues.

6:35 PM

It seems to me that the obvious solution would be to keep the car you already have a loan on, pay that thing off, and stop buying cars unnecessarily. Read more

6:34 PM

It should honestly just be part of graduating high school or getting a GED. 

6:24 PM

Sadly many Americans are really uninformed about how the credit system and math works.

6:22 PM

I’d rather cast a vote in the general election for Tulsi fucking Gabbard than Bloomberg. There will likely be tears in my eyes while I do it, but if it truly comes down to the two options of Bloomberg and Trump I will vote Bloomberg, but I will fight like hell to make sure those aren’t our options. They’re both Read more

6:16 PM

I’m not usually a big government guy, but some state sponsored financial literacy classes offered free of charge would probably be a big net benefit to society. 

4:07 PM

vote blue no matter who doesn’t apply to bloomberg in my book. He is literally the same as trump.