8/05/20 2:02PM

Point of order. The comparison to March numbers I think is a poor one, and one I’ve had to explain to numerous people. The R0 in March was about 3, it’s now around 1. Which meant every person was infecting 3 more on average. And the rate of growth of growth. (So the delta of the log of the growth rate), was about 40% Read more

9/07/18 9:41AM

But the weird thing is that it’s the only sport of the four that does not have uniform field dimensions, which means that in theory, you could construct a team to play at your specific stadium. Don’t like HRs? Take the fences out and get a bunch of slap hitting speedsters. Have a short right field? Hire a bunch of Read more

9/07/18 9:40AM

Baseball also has the whole thing where each field is different. I would have expected that to be a bigger factor. 

7/25/18 11:16AM

“Don’t do it by volume. Percentage-wise, [dough should be] around 65 percent water. Flour is your 100-percent ingredient. 1000 g flour, 650 g water.” Read more

7/06/18 1:24PM

Also, as astronomer Kelly Lepo from McGill pointed out to me, I left out another important fact—the days are longer when the axis is tilted to the sun, more time for the Earth to receive the energy from the rays and get hotter. Read more

3/04/18 5:48PM

When someomne says, “You have great taste. Your style really suits you.” Isn’t the “I” implied? They’re really saying, “I think you have great taste. I think your style really suits you.”
Read more

8/29/17 9:55AM

I leave my family in limbo because otherwise they keep requesting.

8/02/17 10:22AM

You know cherry pits contain amygdalin, which turns into cyanide, right? One or two ground cherry pits gives you enough cyanide to take you down. Happy eating!

7/18/17 5:38PM

Here’s a lifehack from the crabby old man wagging his cane in the air: Read more

5/23/17 6:34PM

I’m going to argue that you’d get greater results having a culture that values and incentivizes healthy eating and exercise habits, instead of telling people to ignore basically every unhealthy message they are bombarded with on a regular basis. Read more

3/24/17 8:52AM

Is it really though? That’s like saying it’s a little puzzling that Macy’s is offering a sale the day after Christmas. There are currently 12 teams left whose fan bases are motivated to pay full price for team apparel. Amazon is trying to drive up interest in all the other college sports consumers who may not be all Read more

Is it really though? That’s like saying it’s a little puzzling that Macy’s is offering a sale the day after

3/13/17 8:00AM

At 843 acres, New York City’s Central Park is one of the largest inner-city parks in the world. [...] Now you can explore all 3.5 square miles of landscaped beauty without worry.  Read more

5/05/16 9:13AM

Ending up at a place in life where you have the knowledge of what the right place and time is, or having the opportunity to network with someone besides the cashier at Starbucks and your landlord - that is luck in and of itself. Just to try and subtract out the ‘who your parents are’ part - let’s pretend you are a HS Read more

8/19/15 4:47PM

Agree on the machine park issue but I’d take a slow cooker over a rice cooker. I can cook rice in 20 minutes while awake, but I can melt an elk shank while I sleep with a slow cooker.

8/11/15 7:57PM

Take a nail, make several holes in the rim of the can where the lid fits. The excess paint will drain back into the can, and you won’t even need the rag.

7/27/15 3:18PM

Is Google gearing up to pull the plug on G+? I’Cause it seems like they are with uncoupling all their other services from G+.

7/27/15 1:06PM

I suspect this may be concerned with the EU’s proposed confiscation of small green pieces of paper, which is odd because on the whole it isn’t the small green pieces of paper that are unhappy with this.

7/20/15 6:15PM

Not sure where you’re getting your information, but it’s not accurate. Genetics plays a huge part in how many muscle fibers someone has (for example), and metabolic rate, and many other factors (including your general muscular/skeletal build). Your genes also determine how well your thyroid functions, as well as your Read more