Jul 2

There’s a lesson here about our constant need for the next shiny new thing. Especially for us car enthusiasts. Read more

Jun 22

True but in a game like this when are you going less than full throttle?

May 19

I don’t know whether to feel overjoyed by this astonishing tale of compassion, or to sink into despair at how astonishing it is.

Apr 26

wait till you find out about our free healthcare and maternity leave

Apr 24

Clearly someone that has never driven the 5 through Central CA. You want to talk about nowhere? It’s there.

Apr 21

I hope I never hear nor read the word “mobility” again. Corporate shit-speak. 

Apr 9

“If literally one thing goes wrong—if the team needs to call for help or a tow truck, if they get stopped, if they crash—literally anything goes wrong here and these guys would be pulling resources from an otherwise already overloaded system, not to mention potentially increasing the risk of contracting coronavirus by Read more

Apr 2

They have no incentive to. The people making the calls are incentivized (via big bonuses) to cut all “nonessential” costs in order to post bigger profits to their investors every year. Putting aside money cuts into profits. Read more

Mar 23

For companies that want bailouts, I think there should be a set of criteria to qualify.

1. If you spent your giant tax break money on stock buybacks - go fuck yourself.
2. If your CEO got a giant bonus from tax break money - go fuck yourself
3. If your employees are woefully underpaid, worked to death, and have no Read more

Dec 9

As an old AND a person who has worked with electronics and sensors for 30 years, I would rather DRIVE MY FUCKING CAR and not rely on buggy equipment and software to do it for me