Jan 27 2017

I must warn you now, this great comment is going to fly over everyones heads

Jan 9 2017

I voted for Trump. What do you want us to say, “grow up and stop your crying?” I didn’t think so, so as we have for the year leading up to the election we’ll probably remain silent and just laugh to ourselves at your meltdowns.

Oct 16 2016

Maybe I’m being obtuse but I felt the gay slurs used in Stranger Things were part and parcel with the vernacular of the day (and later times really). They weren’t calling him gay because he was or had demonstrated his “gayness” in some way off-screen; they were calling him gay because many kids are jerks who called Read more

May 29 2016

For some reason, I like this song; I haven’t been able to explain why, and it’s been years. Read more

Jan 12 2016

Say what you will about the game itself but you cannot deny this amazing trailer.