I disagree. Xbox Series X looks boring and drab. Its not exciting in the slightest.

It’s milktoast. The PS5 design looks visually striking. Its like being offered a Lambo instead of a Bently.

I perosnally prefer the lambo.

Oct 8

Bethesda open world games are my favorite all time games. I am probably the only one that feels that way, though.

Oct 8

It’s a solid game with a good community. The hate-jerk online is just that. Hell, look at the first starred comment on this thread. Every time there’s an article about Fallout 76, without fail someone jumps on to signal how much they hate it with their edgy take.

Sep 16

God of War and Days Gone are in there, and both are only a couple years old. Seems pretty likely that they’ll be adding to the catalog as time goes on. All things considered it’s a nice perk to have added to your normal PS plus subscription.

Sep 16

I doubt I’m the only use case but it’s definitely for me. I didn’t have a PS4 and am thinking about getting a PS5. One of the reasons I want a PS5 (besides obviously wanting to play PS5 games) is because I want to play any PS4 exclusives I might have missed. This seems like an easy way to do that.

Aug 7

It’s a persona. Much like wrestlers. He boasts and brags about shit all the time.

Aug 3

What prevents a company like Analogue from just taking unlimited pre-orders and then producing that many to meet demand? And just adjusting the timeline to produce that many? Is it just because resources/materials are limited? I know this is a very dumb/naive question. 

Jul 31

It’s all very interesting, and isn’t being presented as a slideshow, so I’m happy with it.

Jul 10

Such a tired argument. You can buy a headset for under $300 that will let you play this game. This is not “as least as much as a pc”. Also, every Half-Life game has been expensive to play initially. I didn’t get to play Half-Life 2 until it made it to the 360.

Jul 9

There’s no sneaking at all with this guy, you’re stuck with it until it dies and it can follow you because there’s water everywhere, so you always make noise.

I found it fun! And stressful.

Jul 2

The Last of Us 2 should be a post-apocalyptic Pony Express meets Oregon Trail adventure game. You and your trusty steed navigate ruined infrastructure while dodging the occasional fungus zombie, combat being optional in this fantasy of mine, all to deliver some small innocuous package from one bombed-out part of the Read more

Jul 1

I loved it precisely because it made me feel like I’d been punched in the gut for 30 hours. Read more

Jun 27

To be blunt: this site is becoming impossible to use. Huge ads, auto play video that stays locked on top, making text hard to read... I suppose the writers don’t like it either, because surely you didn’t sign up to be writers for a promo rag, so please, please try to do something about it. Screenshot from Chrome on

Jun 26

Funny how when the frozen characters wallk they bob up and down like someone is playing with toys.

Jun 23

I love it. The character feels like a real person. It isn’t snappy, like a videogame, it feels like I’m controlling someone like myself (athletic, but, you know, having a real body with actual momentum). Granted, fine movement when searching is a little annoying sometimes, but in combat, I feel like they nail it. Read more

Jun 20

It’s no worse than what was done in the Deadpool 2 trailer, showing X-Force members actually fighting enemies (Shatterstar, especially). But, surprise! Not what happened at all. Those scenes were shot completely as a red herring.