Mar 1 2017

Hopefully the next moron in a truck with a flag will think twice before doing something like this. Read more

Feb 28 2017

Wait. That was their defense? That they weren’t the ones who threatened the partygoers? Man, fuck y’all. You rolled up six or seven cars deep into a mostly African-American neighborhood with Confederate flags flying from every single vehicle. You purposely went out looking for a fucking conflict, and when you noticed Read more

Jan 21 2017

You lack rational thinking skills and reading comprehension.

Jan 21 2017

Absolutely! He should maybe set up a private email server, too!

Dec 30 2016

I think science journals should be more like the “Highlights for Children” magazines, complete with riddles, hidden pictures and Goofus & Gallant subarticles. Much more palatable and easier to read that way. Plus if none of the main articles are of interest for that month, I’d still have a chance of learning

Dec 29 2016

Yeah, like that is the fucking panacea for everything. Oh you have a brain tumor. Exercise, lose weight and change your diet. Oh you have died, exercise, lose weight and change your diet, blah fucking blah blah blah.

Dec 20 2016

I’d go further and say that H.R. Giger went on a deep sea diving mission with James Cameron, and decided to draw what he saw.

Dec 20 2016

With HR Geiger as the executive chef. Why do they all look like they just squeezed their way out of someone’s ass?

Dec 20 2016

If Ridley Scott and John Carpenter opened a sushi bar...