12:08 AM

Exactly! So what the hell is this asshole even talking about?

9:50 PM

I don’t understand why the exact and precise definition of these particular words is so important to particular guys. I got into an email exchange with a guy who was SO PISSED that “Grace” said Aziz Ansari “Sexually assaulted” her. And he could not understand my point that it didn’t fucking matter and that she has a Read more

9:12 PM

There’s a strangely pervasive, albeit older and (I think?) dying, mentality that continental European sexuality means that you’re down for anything whenever and wherever, and that age/race/sex/gender/current weather have no standing on that. The belief of the true libertine society to an extreme conclusion. Read more

9:11 PM

Yeah..no minors..just ‘barely legal’ girls that look super young. ..... Howard Stern ..the same guy that objectified Ivanka Trump with her own Dad. Sorry but I’m bothered by you blowing off his reputation and making it sound close to ‘boys will be boys’ and it’s okay because he’s an ‘excellent interviewer”.

8:56 PM

I am tired of men defining real rape as “the level which I haven’t done to a woman”. The rape definition changes and doesn’t get believed because these men feel guilty as fuck because they knew in their hearts they’ve crossed lines and boundaries. Tarantino sits at home at night and lies to himself he’s not a rapist Read more

8:48 PM

I’m fucking livid. As gross and problematic Howard Stern is, this might be the only time that I think he’s right. I just hope that his times up soon.

7:36 PM

Right heads up everyone, there’s at least one troll account pretending to be me and there’s a troll account pretending to be Marx too. Be careful as it may mean Jorni’s back again.

2:22 PM

I’m supposed to believe that some random black woman spent the time and energy acquiring sulfuric acid, putting it into some sort of spray can and carried it around with her in the event that someone didn’t give her what she wanted AND when the time came to use it, she didn’t threaten to use it AND when she did, she Read more

1:52 PM

The Yakubian nonsense nightmare continues to roll along into 2018. No, I’m not talking about the mentally ill woman who threw acid on her face. I’m talking about this bullshit that pops up all to often where white parents of black children teach this “we dont see race” garbage. Listen up white people. If you choose to Read more

4:29 PM

Wasn’t “Admiral Janeway” in Star Trek Nemesis?

4:22 PM

Not true, they’ve made several great, cinematic Star Trek films. They just can’t do it consistently.

4:11 PM

Eh, I’d say that the TNG movies started to stink up the place when the central conflict was about mean stretchy-faced aliens who were jealous of their angelic, non-stretchy-faced cousins. And Picard becomes their bald Shakespearean freedom fighter, with no lasting punishment or complications after the credits roll.

4:09 PM

You left out the completely pointless dune buggy chase scene, with the stunt jump into the shuttle. It had nothing to do with the main story, but somebody in the cast wanted to drive dune buggies, I guess.