Jan 23 2019

I think it would be interesting (and definitely funny) for you to take a month or so and only play online shooters

Jan 8 2019

There’s a saying, “To be African American is to be African without history and American without privilege.”
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Dec 12 2018

Fact: Google is a company, not a part of the government. You can go to Yahoo or Bing if you don’t like the search results. After all, that’s part of the so-called free market that conservatives love so much. Read more

Sep 14 2017

It might be worth adding a note about how you can boost your power even further once you hit 280 buy purchasing legendary mods. Since glimmer drops faster than ever before, you should buy random mods all the way up to 280, then when you’re 280, you can buy legendaries based on the rare mods you have. You can Read more

Aug 23 2017

Let’s say you’re running late for a morning doctor’s appt w/the Feminist Octopus. Let’s say you each have a plate of pancakes and bacon and you’re joking around and oops, you have to leave RIGHT NOW or you’ll be late and have to pay a fee or reschedule. You’re going to just drop those plates in the sink without even Read more

Aug 23 2017

The problem is that pre-rinsing dishes is inefficient, redundant, and fucking stupid. The only notable different between pre-rinsing a dish and just washing it is that with the pre-rinse no soap is used. Read more

Aug 23 2017

If you’re doing it right, washing the dishes should take longer than prerinsing. Pre-rinsing is a step even when you’re regular washing the dishes too. At least at my house (and why I highly prefer disposable plates when I’m not eating at my house.) Read more

Jul 3 2017

You don’t need to calculate down to the last decimal. You just need to know two things. That AP scores are weighted or have been weighted in the past for valedictorians, and that the other girl didn’t take as many AP courses as your daughter. If its a small town, any given AP class will likely only have one section. Read more

May 10 2017

It’s a nickname. Her full name is Pelessaria B’Sayle.

Mar 21 2017

No one ever, ever said that individual, highly inexperienced women and minorities should be hired over a white man who has actual experience. Focusing on a strawman scenario doesn’t benefit anyone.

Mar 21 2017

Literally no one is suggesting what you’re saying. But it’s very telling that you assume that women and blacks aren’t as good as their male white counter parts. Read more

Nov 30 2016

The Lego Movie’s Batman strikes me as a really interesting take on the character, particularly when you compare him to most other versions. They’re typically stoic, capable and -crucially- modest about their accomplishments. Even Adam West’s Batman takes his world (and his role in it) deadly seriously. Read more

Nov 16 2016

Update: Criminial charges have been filed with Ramsey County court for manslaughter and additional charges for the

Nov 9 2016

James Buchanan? Whose Presidency preceeded the Civil War? Read more

Aug 22 2016

Any of the ones who are trying to break into comics or who are currently writing comics. Read more

Jul 1 2016

Once, the whole enemy team just... left. Except for one poor guy that couldn’t bear not finishing the match. Nobody shot him. He knew that he couldn’t win. I couldn’t bear to see him alone and had him group up with me after the match. He wasn’t that good, but I stuck with him, at the very least.