Dec 1 2017

This definitely solves a debate. Not the one about Super Saiyans, but the one about whether Toriyama is completely out of ideas and just making up nonsense or not.

Mar 20 2017

SO your saying this is a great car to rent. The quality of fit and finish tied to such a price tag would keep many buyers away. It may be your favorite car in this segment but thats because you wont live with it over a week. Nothing wrong with that but for actual buyers, there’s too much good choices out there that Read more

Feb 24 2017

Did you actually read the article? He literally said Twitch wasn’t the problem, it was him prioritizing succeeding on Twitch over exercise and his family. The title even says Trying to make it as a Twitch streamer.

Feb 24 2017

That was the exact takeaway of his article. His quest to be a famous Twitch streamer made him lose sight of everything else, and in the end, he realized where his priorities should lie. He did all but explicitly state that. Did you only read the headline and comments?

Feb 23 2017

Seriously? How is this post-worthy. How do people own cars and not know what these are.

Feb 11 2017

Let’s clarify something here real quick for the folks crying “but mah Free Speech!”

The First Amendment only indemnifies you from government retribution for speech that does not cross into criminal territory (inciting a riot, shouting “fire” in a crowded theater, etc). In other words, you can say, “Government Read more

Sep 15 2016

I know! We are so unlike Europeans who all drive 400-500 HP sedans to work to park next to every other exact same vehicle (MB, Audi, BMW) that are all black or silver. Read more

Sep 15 2016

Americans don’t necessarily buy crossovers because we’re insecure, we buy them because they’re the most practical option at a reasonable price point. There are no good wagons out there for $30-40 thousand new, that are equipped as well as a crossover in the same ballpark. Read more

Sep 15 2016

How insecure we are about what we drive? You're full of shit.

Aug 19 2016

Mega Man is not in this group, at all. That name, when used alone, is associated with Light’s robot, Rock. (i.e. Rock is Mega Man). Read more