Sep 28
Networking Oppos

I was hoping to wire up an ethernet port here and it looks like standard cat5 wire to me. But I don’t understand the

Aug 7
Update: Miata Help Needed

Paging the Miata owners here. Recently installed a VDO oil pressure sender unit. Fired up the car and I have an oil

Aug 4
Toolbox top

Finally got stain on my new tool box topper. Just needs a few coats of polyurethane. Next time, I need to get the

Feb 28

All three bolts on the VVT cam bolt cover stripped while trying to remove the cover to replace cam oil seal.

Oct 29
Help identifying wheels

Any oppos recognize these wheels? Buddy is interested in them for his C5. I tried reverse Google search and got

Jul 28 2019
Help me Oppo

I am trying to convert a 6" recessed can light to a drop pendant. I have all the parts but because the size of the

Apr 11 2019
Import restrictions

I recently purchased a 1988 K75 C. One of the things I need to locate for it is a gas tank. I found a really clean

Jan 4 2019
Oppo input needed

I have some Miata parts that I want to try and sell that are probably somewhat niche. I am looking for

Nov 30 2018
Good bye Pedal Car

Finished the restoration of a 1960-1967 Murray V Front Pedal Car. Took it down to bare metal, straightened the body