1:49 PM

Poor fellow. Too young.

Elevated what could’ve been a do-nothing recurring guest star, and the writers clearly recognized his abilities, because they gave him showcase episodes. Never would’ve seen that coming when he was just Jake’s sidekick in the early seasons.

12:39 PM

In a simple gIf, he’s still able to convey so much. In awe of his brilliant performances on the show.

12:35 PM

It can be quite exhilarating to watch a member of a strict and closed society step out from their idealogical confines for the sake of growth and the desire to make a contribution.

12:25 PM

This dude proved that there are no small parts. He took a minor, minor role and grew it into one Starfleet's greatest officers. The writers believed in him and gave him his own episode, a character piece no less. "It's Only a Paper Moon" is one of DS9s best.

11:35 AM

I loved the Nog character from the start of DS9. The first scene with him and Jake together held so much foreshadowing of boyhood adventures and mischief to come. Eisenberg brought so much to Nog, consistent body language and mannerisms along with the ability to express glee in a way that made you feel it. Nog was so

11:20 AM

Aron hosted a podcast called 7th Rule that was all about Star Trek. His co-host was his DS9 buddy Cirroc Lofton. Aron was not just a great addition to the Trek cast of characters, he was an enthusiastic and devoted fan of the franchise. What a sad loss. 

5:51 PM

20-30 minutes worth of trailers before a movie is ridiculous. But even more ridiculous are all the ads. My kids are amazed when I tell them that at their age we sat in the dark prior to the movies with maybe some music playing softly and that was it. No Maria Menounos, no AR games, no Youtube clips. Just a blanks

5:50 PM

Well, since 'The Dark Crystal' was released in 1982.... I would say Gelflings came first.

5:15 PM

Deet wasn’t “played” by Nathalie Emmanuel. Emmanuel only did the voice work, and that was done after the filming had been completed. She added her voice to a character that had already been brought to life by puppeteers Beccy Henderson and Katherine Smee.

4:54 PM

Yeah, I agree. You can find out how Picard’s family die in any number of ways, but only one of them involves a Patrick Stewart performance!