Feb 3

Threat Level Orange sounds pretty serious. That's one step below Threat Level Midnight.

May 14 2019

Finding anything below top flight for any European league is difficult (unless the match involves a popular team), finding anything below that is like hunting unicorns. Read more

May 7 2019

I wanted to experience a football match on our second trip to Germany. The best option was Fortuna Düsseldorf, who at the time was in the second league. It was fun, and I’m glad they’ll stick around in top flight for at least one more year because it’s easier to follow them. They don’t have an English language Read more

Mar 21 2019

I was lucky enough to do a MS on critters from the Chengjiang fauna. There is/was (I’ve been out of the field quite a while, so I don’t know where folks stand on the issue now) an idea that many early Cambrian animals were adapted for living on unusual seafloors dominated by microbial mat communities, which do not Read more

Mar 12 2019

John Stamos has come to Lori Loughlin’s defense, asking the prosecutor in the case to “Have mercy!” Read more

Jan 24 2019

As a relatively new dad, weekend warrior, casual fan of the Premier League without a rooting interest, not aware enough of the team on social media, more likely to have time to watch a full match Saturday night rather than morning, enjoys the flexibility of fast forward, and has spent $5 a month on stupider things, Read more

Jan 15 2019

Personally I’m waiting for the team/city that has the cajones to do ”VfB [Insert City Here].” Read more

Jan 13 2019

I have no stake in this game. I didn’t watch it. I don’t think anything of Nick Foles. But I don’t pass up a punning opportunity when I see one. 

Jan 10 2019

This makes a lot of sense. Grandal was a major contributor to the Brewers’ offense in the NLCS.

Nov 8 2018

So Papa is like Papa John's, and Papa John's is like my lower intestines.

Oct 26 2018

She’ll play a vital role in helping the Avengers recover an important ancient alien device buried in Egypt.