Maybe not an mmo, but something where it feels kind of like an mmo, with drop-in online.

I just want an awesome 3d coop campaign :D Read more

Dolt. You wrote an asinine comment. I replied with one.
Thanks for playing Read more

the kid who trolls in the first place.

"Haha, I really got him! I'm soooo clever! Look at me troll!"

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'wellthereyago' is a terribly misinformed dolt!
Seriously though, you should read a bit on the subject before commenting. Your stupid is showing. Read more

im out if they merge with apple.
Wii Us, WiiUc, WiiU2, WiiU2s, WiiU2c
all within the first year of it happening Read more

:( im grumpy too but dont blame them for what other people are or aren't doing!
still have yet to try Red Dead! Read more

Same. But to the lady. SURPRISE! Read more

"and exhausting myself trying to force an orgasm"
aaaand thats where you go wrong Read more

Alright. Lets just agree to disagree. Read more

Now playing

I wasn't implying you were. I am. I mean, I've got a Wii U, 360 and plan on getting a PS4 when Destiny Beta drops, but I'm a PC dude.
Just gotta say though, you don't know what you're talking about if you're saying it's "Barely a patch".
Please, watch this video, then read up on it. I'm serious though, I'm not trying

I doubt they will.
Sounds like a waste of money to port the same game to PC... twice.

and for what? So the PC dudes stop crying? Cause we all know no ones going to pay for a "PC Definitive". Don't get your hopes up. Wait till TR 2. Read more

You seem to know something the world doesn't. Please elaborate?
Cause Definitive Edition is not coming to PC.
(or the additional new assets) Read more

I payed the 30$ because I heavily enjoyed the broken-as-fuck mod, and followed nearly everything Rocket said /posted, knew what I was getting into and I don't regret it one bit. I play the standalone a lot less than I played the mod, but I've also had much less free time.
Honestly, if you're not sure, don't do it. Read more

Ya man that's what prompted me to say that!
Poor Eidos, gotta get some cred!
DX was great, here's hoping for the best! Read more

Sorry, I should have specified Ubisoft Montreal, the subsidary of Ubisoft, they dev games. You are correct, sir.

(Didn't know they didn't do Farcry 1 though!) Read more

As long as they call the next Xbox "Xbox Two" just to fuck with people Read more