Mar 6

I’m in full support of people taking their shoes off when they go into someone’s home, but have to admit that it’s all fun and games until you go to someone’s house for a baby shower and the Manolo Blahniks you’ve left by the door get stolen by another guest. Then you have to get married to yourself just so you can Read more

Mar 5

I completely understand why she has dropped and I still broken. FUCK this country. This is the smartest, most competent, most capable and genuine candidate in the whole field but the ignorant voters want to keep the status quo and go with another goddamned old white guy. FUCK this country. Read more

Oct 23

The New Mexico State Police and the San Juan District attorney announced they will not file charges against Officer Christensen. Read more

Oct 7

Y’all can try, but nothing is going to beat that “Look at me” story from a few years ago. That one fucked me UP.

Sep 23

Obama’s first campaign was considered legendary, brilliant, by just about everybody in politics, and instead of it being any kind of new standard the Old White Male Brigade is naturally trying to pretend it was a freak occurrence, like a double rainbow, because if they don’t they’ll actually have to put work and Read more

Sep 23

I wish we would shut the fuck up about white working class voters. They’re a lost cause and hell bent on voting against their own self-interest. We’ve had two Democratic Presidents when two consecutive terms without them, yet we’re obsessed with courting those five living Reagan Democrats. Those people will never vote Read more

Sep 18

So, using your platform to snarkily tear down a woman who is using her platform to build others up? Yeah, that’s definitely a move that has you coming out looking good.
Read more

Sep 18

Stop it. Stop attacking women for having opinions, speaking out, and trying to make things better. What the hell happened to Jezebel? I’ve been around here for years, and recently the rhetoric has just become so hateful and isolating. This is ridiculous. 

Sep 18

How dare this women not check with Hazel Cillis of Jezebel before having her own thoughts about her body AND being thin? Read more

Sep 18

This is the second day in a row that this site has thrown shade - or in this case blatant criticism - at Jameela Jamil.  She is one of the few celebrities using their platform to bring attention to how our culture judges women on their size and this site picks her to focus on?  Did she kick your puppy?

Sep 18

“has been co-opted recently by women of totally socially-acceptable, skinny shapes and sizes who think the movement is just for anyone who feels good or wants to show off their armpit hair”...You guys know that Jameela has a history of eating disorders since childhood, right? And that she was severely fat-shamed by Read more

Sep 18

“Jameela Jamil, patron saint of reminding the world that we live in a superficial and sexist society as if she were the first to discover that, is taking her “activism” in a slightly different direction.”

Yikes, why all the snark? Jameela makes mistakes and then apologizes and learns.  Isn’t that what we want from Read more