Making things worse for Oden, Kevin Durant was spotted buying his girlfriend flowers even though it's totally not her birthday. Read more

1. Your attitude is one of the worst things about football- you're basically one step removed from the ex-shitty-HS player coaching his son's Pop Warner team to headhunt. I believe you were in a college locker room (so was I), but please don't assume that makes you qualified to speak about more than your own Read more

I find it hard to get as angry at Incognito as he perhaps deserves - certainly he's an abhorrent human being, but it's hard for me not to appreciate that he must feel like a man suddenly singled out for behavior he'd received almost nothing but positive feedback for ever since (I'd assume) high school. That's on head Read more

Not to mention that the fucking story never actually mentions whether or not the putter even goddamn works.

-every 25 handicap golf channel viewer, while holding an open wallet stuffed with cash. Read more

At least someone in the family is well-armed. Read more

Can't wait for the story of Lolo Jones failing at a spelling bee and quickly trying to become a mathlete to keep the attention of her 4th grade class. Read more