May 2 2019

I’d prefer that they don’t change anything from what the studio sends them.  You must have terrible speakers.

May 2 2019

The change doesn’t have anything to do with VBR, as far as I can tell. They’re increasing the maximum bitrate for DD+ / Atmos streams to 640 / 768 kbps, although they may have begun doing that last year (for DD+). Maybe they’re adding more intermediate bitrates as well. Read more

Apr 29 2019

I had just about convinced myself I didn’t need a VR headset...
Welp. Better get to saving.

Apr 23 2019

I don’t normally respond to these things, but on a per-student basis, I believe the federal government is providing more assistance than in the last 30 years, adjusted for inflation.
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Apr 3 2019

😅 Thanks for saying that. You’re one the best writers in the industry.

Apr 2 2019

Jason, I’ve been a developer on more than one of these types of monolithic ambitious-but-aimless projects that eventually lurches over the finish line (late). You’ve gone through months (or years) of very real suffering to get it to that point, and when it arrives, you’re embarrassed at what’s been put out. It’s Read more

Mar 19 2019

Unless we have a major internet infrastructure overhaul in the United States within the next decade, this is dead in the water. Read more

Mar 19 2019

So you know how google invested a ton of money to be a physical ISP & deliver fiber internet to people in select markets? You know how they are closing up shop now? Talk about a lot of money invested.. then just closing the project down.
So I don’t care what ‘Phil Harrison’ the guy who jumps from job to job, says on Read more

Nov 9 2015

I would argue that consoles are a bigger waste, as they are only for entertainment purposes.

Nov 9 2015

Theres one song that infuriates me it might be the world is mine the fact its so cutesy makes me feel I should master it but alas I always end up brainfarting on simple parts dont think ill ever beat matryoshka on hard surprised I was able to beat age age curse you miku and your adorable cuteness

Oct 20 2015

What a touching story about you and Dan. I hope you live a long, happy life together!