Oct 16 2019

Since Bernie can’t explain shit and gets angry when pressed I would say he is the dumbass as are his dudebros followers which you appear to be. Look sorry Splinter died an ugly death but this site is for people of color not frustrated white guys with soul patches listening to white Reggae bands waiting for their big Read more

Sep 19 2019

That one you responded to, you know, the one who took the troll bait? Just couldn’t help but take the troll baitiest troll bait

Nov 30 2017

The best is that he’s texting the picture to his parents and asking “Is this swimmin water or leave it alone water?”

Nov 25 2017

The New Zealand Herald reports that the USA could also be in the mix due to financial reasons, with America’s Fox Sports paying AU$512m to televise the 2018 and 2022 World Cups. Read more

Nov 9 2017

Thanks for posting this Toovs. It really added to the conversation. Hopefully you’ll get a lot of internet points for it.

Oct 8 2017

Yes, and I despise it. Pure Trumpland. Read the recent Io9 article where the author dances around the issue of how awful Morty is and how the show refuses to condemn him because A) the creators have grave character defects and B) the borderline-psychopath fans like it that way. The episodes my stepson persuaded me to Read more

Oct 8 2017

If you’re unfamiliar with the show, Morty is a psychopath with almost unlimited ability and resources, who is trying to raise his grandson to be just like him. It’s slowly working. Doesn’t surprise me that whiteboyz who love the show turn out to be entitled, undisciplined pests.

May 15 2017

No worries. Just wanted to say taking on a new father probably is as hard as taking on new kids.

Jul 5 2016

There are ways to get around restrictive Blue Laws, Adam:

Jul 5 2016

these are your heroes nerds, dudes who sit around being pissed of at videogames. what rich icons this culture produces lmao

Jun 22 2016

Wait, really? I think “goals change games” deserves to be celebrated in the annals of incisive sports commentary.

Jun 2 2016

The greatest prank Dan Gilbert ever pulled was convincing the world that his immature high jinx, and not his predatory loan empire, are his most odious quality.

Jan 5 2016

“Alright guys, we can’t afford to pay top money so we are going to value penalty yards because those don’t cost anything. Find me the quarterback who is best at getting roughing the passer calls and we are gonna target him in the draft!”