Dec 16 2014

I'm pretty much on the far end of that spectrum when it comes to names. I'm embarrassingly bad at memorizing them and can know somebody a week or more before their name 'clicks' in my head. Read more

Aug 26 2014

The technical term I heard as a kid was "skip". Enabled me to listen to Deutsche Welle in the U.S. on my homemade vacuum tube regenerative short wave receiver. ;) Read more

Jun 5 2014

I work in IT, so no, I am definitely not an early adopter of new technology. Wait for the reviews, followed by subsequent patching and revisions before jumping in.

Apr 8 2014

Things were harder for bomb squads in the old days. Imaging trying to figure out how to cut the red or blue wires in black and white.

Jul 1 2013

I'm not such a fan when he talks, but nevertheless you've (embarrassingly!) forgotten the original - Wile E. Coyote, Genius (Super-Genius).