2:11 PM

I totally agree. I also found how attacking and killing enemies was how you “charged the force”. Pretty violent for peace keepers. I understand game balancing and what not.... but it should not come at the cost of lore.

I feel the bar should have been like the stamina bar, that it would deplete with use, but fill back Read more

11:26 PM

And with that, here comes all those hottakes of Episode 8 again too. Tell me again how star wars ruined your life because they had a fat asian in this one.

12:52 AM

This was a major mechanic in the PS2 SOCOM games. In those games when you reloaded your gun, you would merely switch your used mag for a fresh mag (if you have one) while recycling your old mag to the bottom of your reload que.

In Multiplayer you would have to strategize how you used your mags. Do you go into an Read more

2:18 AM

No singleplayer DLC means no buy for me when it comes to PC. I have played this on console on PS4 Pro, and it was a gorgeous game even on console. If they want me to buy it again on my platform of choice they would need a reason for me to want to jump into that Singleplayer again (dont care in the slightest about RDR2 Read more

1:03 AM

“oh shit, new Resident Evil game! i can’t fucking wait, its gonna be so goo..”
4vs1 gameplay
“nevermind. What is Death Stranding up to...”

1:29 PM

See this is a problem for me now. I used to be pretty good at keeping up and catching up, but this year summer was too fucking good for games for me to use it as a catchup period on backlog.

Got Fire Emblem back in early summer and have not even gotten to the time skip yet even after 15 hours played.

Jumped into FFXIV Read more

10:04 PM

As someone who has played both. No. They are not similar. One is a looter shooter to its core, the other is more an open world sandbox shooter. Both have guns in them, but they are as similar as GTA is to Destiny.

3:25 PM

Indeed, and most of the replies i am seeing here is a circle jerk of morons who didn’t even watch his rebuttal. Did Jared do some shitty things? sure. Did he illicit nudes from minors? No, not really, as his accusers backed down due to their evidence being manipulated.

Should you be trying to get nudes from your Read more

1:51 AM

Congrats, there is nothing more annoying than the fallacy of relative privation.

1:48 AM

“I wish there wasn’t a double standard and indie developers were given an equal oportunity [sic] to sell their games across multiple store fronts, so the players can enjoy what they seem to want the most: a choice,”

Oh hey look, SOMEBODY fucking gets it.

1:25 PM

Is this a sign that we may get Galactic Conquest in the future? Cause that is really all i ever wanted. It was all i ever played in the original Battlefront II.

2:48 PM

Nice to know Celebrity status doesn’t help you get past brown people checkpoints in the Merica

1:49 PM

This audience was clearly staff that were paid to cheer lead. That guy however was being so obnoxious about it he was interrupting the stage presenter multiple times lol.

1:10 AM

When was the last time you did charity work over personal gains? Lets not throw the first rock here...

2:15 PM

Before I go any further, allow me to make a brief digression. HOLY FUCKING SHIT”

indeed, this was also my reaction to this article. Not only would Baulder’s Gate returning be incredible, but Larian Sudios has to be the best most qualified studio to do this.

2:08 PM

*sigh* Well, i follow YongYea, so i actually have a pretty good idea about the world and ideas of the game already. It really isn’t that hard to follow...

2:08 PM

*sigh* Well, i follow YongYea, so i actually have a pretty good idea about the world and ideas of the game already. It really isn’t that hard to follow...