You can respect and appreciate all  involved and still think this was idiotic and absurd. It was a bad decision. It looked inauthentic and ridiculous. Most black folks don’t even celebrate kwanzaa, what the fuck do kente stoles have to do with justice in policing? They’d have been better off wearing pins or t-shirts Read more

They said they’d fix the road when pigs fly.
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The amount of air caught seems to have taken the driver by surprise, as control was lost pretty soon after landing. You could argue that more driver training would help, but at the same time, aside from providing videos like this, it’s hard to tell what positive benefit these high speed chases really provide?
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Jim Spanfeller is doing more to hurt the internet than the dot com bust. Deadspin is dead, Kotaku is dying. Where are we gonna get the good shit? Read more

I guess this sort of thing was inevitable given the state of the company and the people “running” things, but this still really sucks. Read more

Jim Spanfeller is a boneheaded incompetent idiot and I have no idea why anyone would expect him to make a smart business decision. Read more

Bye Gita and Josh. Good luck! Read more

That’s just a headache with extra steps. Unnecessary racist stereotypes, too. Read more

Okay, we have Chinese and Hispanic, but how do you feel about black people? Read more

You could've made a better point without all the racism, gabacho. Read more

Stfu. If their money is green they can be a vegan man bunned trans mixed raced polygamist in an open marriage with several domestic animals. Read more

Why the multiple racist shithead throwaway lines? Scumbag. Read more

Every man has two deaths, when he is buried in the ground and the last time someone says his name. In some ways men can be immortal. - Ernest Hemingway
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I was radicalized by punk rock and Deadspin. Read more