Isn’t it kinda silly to say he’s the highest paid actor if he didn’t really make the money from acting? Is Dwayne Johnson considered the highest paid wrestler from last year? Read more

The Mets do just enough to suck you back in, making you think they will play well again...sigh. Read more

What’s crazier? That you can buy RJD’s bed or that RJD’s bed is still cheaper than what you would pay at Pottery Barn?

Wait, what?!? Severed thumb from a garden gnome?!? Dude battles dragons on stage with a sword and loses a thumb to a garden gnome? Read more

Tried it and mangled the can. Nope. Read more

I’m glad Action Park was mentioned. Every time I see a water park it brings back memories of Action Park and I think, “how did they get away with that?!?” Read more

The Mets are so damn smart! They just increased the trade value for Jose Reyes for the waiver deadline. Dude can play the infield AND pitch. Read more

Look at the Nationals trying to out-Met the Mets. Nice try but it takes more than that.  Read more

Here is what you need to keep in mind when considering the Giants or Jets: they are NY teams but they play in New Jersey. Let that sink in.  Read more

Yes, the world needs more Black Sabbath references, really. This should really be a movie where Farrell is playing a young Ozzy and Mel is playing elder Ozzy. That could be a great biography! Read more

I went to a place recently and asked about one of the beers on tap. The bartender not only told me a bit about the beer but offered me a sample to see if I liked it. WIN! I like to try a new beer but it annoys me when I end up not liking it. So smart this place offered a sample. Read more

What teams share their colors with the Islanders? Hmm... Mets, Knicks. Yeah, nothing will go wrong this coming season. Read more

Saw the headline and knew there had be to a Bobby Valentine reference. Ahh, when the Mets would do silly stuff and it would be fun not detrimental... Read more

Bonilla is still on the payroll. They should bring him back. And call up Tebow. And go to a local little league and make some 11-year-old dreams come true. Let’s have some fun at least! Read more

LeBron and John Tavares are signing with the Mets to join Tebow. Read more

As a life-long Knicks fan, I can’t tell you how much I hope this is true. As a life-long Knicks fan, I can’t help but think that if he does sign then somehow he’ll be injured and not play again. [Being realistic] Read more

Yeah, orange-on-blue still looks good. Read more

No swords?!? There’s something USA amendment-y there... Read more

“And Paul Reiser—why is he in this? Just why?” Read more