This is disgusting. If I found out someone I knew was doing this, I would disassociate from them. Read more

Yeah, definitely take a second look. They have a whole subsection just of Criterion Collection films. Read more

Left to my own devices, my natural sleep schedule would be between 11am and 7pm. The only time I ever feel rested is when I'm on the other 12 hours. Moving from the East Coast to the West Coast didn't help at all so it must be related to daylight hours only that I respond to them backwards from what your studies Read more

It took ten months, uncountable phone calls to the Philippines and 5 service visits for my ISP to properly install a single phone and ethernet jack in my house, ten months during which I had multiple daily outages while everyone else around me, most of whom have the same provider, had normal service. So, complete Read more

Are you joking? Hulu+ is the only one of the big 3 with any good movies whatsoever. They have exclusive streaming rights to The Criterion Collection. All the decent movies on Amazon Instant you have to pay extra for and Netflix doesn't even have any good movies any more. If movies are your thing, Hulu is the only one Read more

Yeah or on Star Trek The Next Generation where you just announce what you want and suddenly it appears even if it is all synthetic most of our food is frankenfood already. I feel like voice controlled 3D printers should be able to do this with like dehydrated food packets. You could just load it up once a month. And Read more

Atheism requires nothing more than a capacity for critical thought which is something theists, those who have been indoctrinated to magical thinking and those in the throes of mental illness, lack. Some are delusional in a clinical sense of the term and others willfully so, but they all reject logic. Read more

Theists are morons. And churches absolutely need to be taxed. Read more

Everybody I know who is overweight lies about what and how much they eat. My mother eats chocolate bars anytime she has to drive more than 20 minutes, hides salted nuts in her desk drawer that she munches on all day between meals and guzzles wine with nearly every meal so, despite going to the gym 6 days a week, only Read more

Is your family friend Janeane Garofalo in 1993? Read more

Would I have to move to China to get this kind of job? Read more

The closest Best Buy to where I live right now is easily a half hour drive from my house, more in rush hour, but an hour in the car is still faster than 48 hours and would be the route I'd take for anything I felt I needed urgently, even with sales tax and likely a slightly higher price. Read more

I've done it that way but it hurt my hands to try to husk it while it was hot from being cooked. It also seemed completely illogical and was so wet that I got no char. Read more

I just don't see what you (someone) could possibly need so urgently that you don't need it urgently enough to run out to Best Buy or wherever that day to get it. Either it's urgent or you can wait 2-5 days. A friend of mine who has Prime was completely unaware that there even was free shipping on orders $25 and up for Read more

What did people do before dental floss? Read more

Eric is functionally illiterate. This incoherent mess of a post sounds more like Adam Clark Estes than Limer. Read more

Thank you. What kind of idiot doesm't know the correct names of the only two major political parties in his native country? I don't understand how Gawker/Gizmodo can hire these people who lack even the basic day to day knowledge Read more

No, it's 2 day shipping for $80 a year versus 2-5 day shipping for free. You're paying $80 a year for what is already free. Maybe you live in some really remote part of the world like Nunavut, but in both the major cities and small towns I've lived in shipping has never taken longer than 5 days and most often arrives Read more