Sep 19 2017

Armored Core tends to have good trailers anyway, but that’s possibly their best, and one of the best trailers of its kind ever.

Sep 19 2017

This article missed a lot. That’s not futuristic Aircraft, that’s a humanoid mech being carried in for deployment on a helicopter, just like Armored Core. This is a mech game. Read more

Aug 30 2017

And yet in Toronto, it took a single storm for the city to ban development in the Don River, Rouge River, and Humber River valleys.

Aug 27 2017

People don’t like Anti-fa but as long as people are being fascists they’re going to be out there being anti-fascist.

Aug 12 2017

They want to see a return to 1950's Americana. They want uncontested American global hegemony, and to be free from threats both external and internal. Some portion of them want a white ethnostate that isn’t being eroded by immigration or a declining white birth rate. They believe that America was great because it Read more

Jul 31 2017

Give it up Ghostz, no one on this complaint/article thread is going to agree with such a logical rational explanation as yours. The SJWs and Anti-SJWs will continue to be at each other’s throats because that’s how human beings are. It has been scientifically researched that political bias resides in the emotional Read more

Jul 31 2017

I haven’t heard a lot of talk about equal opportunity lately.

 It has all been about “equity” which seems a lot more concerned about equality of outcome.

May 2 2017

Yep. Most Developers using Apple laptops are running a VM with Windows 10 - they have a job to do after all...

May 2 2017

What do you mean? These are literally ALL things Jimmy Kimmel’s baby could do to get better health care, are they not? These are textbook lifehacks.

Apr 25 2017

So are we not gonna talk about Gizmodo’s culpability there? The reason why fake news was so prevalent on Facebook was some misleading reporting that Facebook was suppressing conservative views (in actuality, humans were determining what was newsworthy, and human bias seeped in, which is pretty inevitable and Read more

Apr 24 2017

You see, this is before they hired lawyers to teach them how to avoid pesky labor laws.

Apr 13 2017

The more hacks, the better. Hacking my Wii is still the most fun I’ve ever had with a console. Not having to risk my precious GCN disks by installing them on the console is great. Makes the Wii feel like a more modern console.

Apr 12 2017

I had the pleasure of meeting her some years back at a judicial conference. Had no idea of her historical status. But this is really sad news. She was a vibrant person. Very engaging to talk with. I’m very sad to hear this and am thinking of her family.