Apr 16 2014

I love that this is transitioning into a, "Feed the robot!" fundraiser.

Apr 7 2014

I wish bad science journalism were the real problem. But political movements to cut science funding and activist groups that prevent people from getting much-needed vaccinations are far more dangerous and pernicious than any "you'll be immortal and cure cancer with this unique device" article could ever be.

Apr 7 2014

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Give us a check box on our tax forms to donate $15 of our tax refund to NASA. I think they'd be shocked at the response.

Mar 31 2014

It's almost like corn and soybean plants have been made to be more efficient and productive or something.

Mar 26 2014

One other note, ignore the # listed before each command in the printable above when typing it into the terminal.

Mar 17 2014

The example in in this article itself.
The "Missing manual" is to click on the xkcd link to the site and mouse over the comic to get an example of a manual's manual

Feb 25 2014

And it gets worse when you cross the river into East St. Louis!