8:38 PM

At one point in my life I owned a Mini Cooper and a Mini van.  Same, but not same.

12:13 PM

Why is it that we can’t get these in America. I’d go to a Toyota dealership and order one *today.* Read more

2:35 PM

I test drove a 6 speed, but it is my wife’s car and she wanted a sun roof, which isn’t available on any car with a manual. We compromised and got a sun roof.

2:30 PM

Don’t get me wrong, I also own a 06 WRX and my teenage daughter has a 350k mile Outback. I’ve toyed with the idea of using my WRX to transplant into the Outback, or trying to find an old 2 door 2.5RS and make a RSTi.

3:28 AM

Ok, I own a Crosstrek. I like the idea of this a lot. I like overland modified cars, could see myself actually enjoying them for off the beaten bath camping, and think they look cool. Read more

9:36 AM

I looked at this Kickstarter very hard, and took a hard pass. I didn’t care to much about them not being casino dice, but the long production time worried me some, and having just been at Gen Con where my family combined for around $400 in dice and where we looked at hundreds of different sets, there are plastic sets Read more

10:35 AM

All jokes aside, this is WAY beyond the pale and at least as bad as Burfict’s hit. This should result in a very long suspension. Read more

12:08 PM

2/3rds of the Earth is covered by water.  The rest is covered by Lorenzo Cain.

10:49 AM

I tend to agree with you all the way around. He certainly was in violation of the rule and should be called out, but the hit wasn’t intentional. He made a juke step outside and then went inside, and the catcher didn’t bite. He started to slide headfirst around where he *thought* the catcher would be, and then pulled Read more

9:37 AM

One thing my wife said, very early on in the episode when Arya was being chased through the halls, was that no one knows their way around Winterfell better than Arya. Read more

10:38 PM

You know that in the current complaint that SHE is the suspect, right?

12:25 PM

This game doesn’t make Brady the GOAT. If Dee Ford could remember how to line up, he’s making his golf vacation reservatopms today. He doesn’t play on the defense that shut down the best offense in football this season in the first half, and he was fighting to keep up (with some help from the refs when he was Read more

12:00 PM

Nothing like a highly paid athlete who has been doing this his whole life not being able to figure out where to line up. Thanks Dee Ford, your brain fart only called back an interception that would have ended the game and sent your team to the Super Bowl.

1:03 PM

This.  Protect life and property.  While Jalopniks want to think they saved this car because of what it is, it is just as possible that they saw *a* car and felt like they could get it out safely and save it, so that is what they did.

2:23 PM

My old Camry was free running, so when the belt broke the repair was cheap and easy, basically just a belt change. Not so much on the Honda that failed due to mechanic error on a belt change and an unexpected chain break of a Plymouth Laser, both of which destroyed everything.

10:16 AM

I’ve been thinking that I needed a MK1 Gti to sit unfinished in my garage as a project car, and here you are with 2! And in MO, too! I’m jealous.

11:45 AM

As a Royals fan, I give credit the Indians. I’m glad we managed to shut it down, because that’s about the best thing for the Royals left this year, but it is a massive feat to win that many in a row.

I’m also proud of my team for not only being loss 22 to the Indians, but years earlier being loss 20 to the A’s. Way Read more

10:38 AM

Did I say anything about mountain roads in California? No, I did not. I was talking exactly about something I knew about, Deal’s Gap, because that is both where this video is taken AND a place I have personally driven. Read more