Gaudy Mouse Muad'Dib
2:38 AM

I don’t know, but this whole thing is very sad. And it seems like the government doesn’t care and in fact would like to wreak even more destruction. I worry that we are too far gone now to fix things, and that the future is going to be even more fractious and broken than the present. We certainly don’t seem to be Read more

2:15 AM

That horchata WANTED to come out of my nose and it just happened at the same time as I read your comment. It’s the only explanation I can think of. 

1:23 PM

Wouldn’t it just be better to straight up take away the babies of addicts so that the mother hasn’t got to worry about anything happening to the baby and the baby hasn’t got to be in any danger? If they wish to care for their babies, they could visit and and spend time with them under supervision, and if they wish to Read more

8:32 PM

Wow! I thought my mom made this up because I've never heard anyone else say it., is that you? On these Kinjers? 

3:50 PM

Hear hear for dill relish! Also amen, bread and butter pickles are an abomination unto Glob. 

2:12 PM

I do not buy weed for my dog, but sometimes I get her a little high or give her a little bit of weed food because she’s old (as hell) and sometimes her hips hurt. The vet told me “don’t get your dog fucked up every day but if you can’t get her to take pain medicine, then CBD will help.”so I can imagine people getting Read more

11:48 AM

Did she have it coming? Is this shit for real? Did you even really ask that? Fuck your “fundamental #wokeness” asking shit like that.

5:45 PM

I think they may have meant white men in general. They have been in charge for, like, ever, and the ones in the most charge are often the ones who least know what it’s like to even live as a middle class or poor white American, let alone a woman or person of color or even non-Christian. This is what we have got from Read more

8:04 PM

I feel like we must have shared a childhood. My mom was a spanker, usually with the belt that was used only for spanking, but very occasionally an extension cord or a brush or something. My dad, though, was an emotional and psychological terrorist, for minor or even imagined offenses. And he was into this kind of Read more

6:49 PM

Not just an ass. A womanist ass, so not for no raisin. Also, grokked your sarcasm, I can’t imagine how it could be taken seriously.

6:46 PM

I doubt she forgot who her father is, but she is not a baby now. If it were his son, would you still call him a baby boy? She is allowed to be an adult human woman while also grieving the loss of her father.