Garrett Davis
Jun 23

Not gonna lie. For years I thought the outback was Australian brand. Their marketing from the 90's was all about Australia. So naturally, as a kid seeing the commercials on TV for the “Outback” I just assumed. 

Jun 23

Actually this reminds me of talking to a co-worker as we were leaving work together the other day and we passed by a buddies Subaru Forester that I mentioned as being Japanese. My co-worker floored me when he questioned my knowledge of the make cuz he thought it might have been “Australian”,.... mind was subsequently Read more

Mar 25

I was all in... & then I saw how the doors open. Those aren't Lambo doors! 

Mar 19

Reminds me of how I got laid off of my last job.

My manager sent me an e-mail the night before, setting up a conference call with me, and saying that he had “some exciting opportunities” to talk to me about.

The F***er told me to pack my desk on that call.  Still pissed about that.

Mar 16

Clayton Christensen (RIP) was a friend of a classmate while I was in my executive MBA program. My classmate asked Clayton to come and deliver a full day lecture, and Clayton did. Best single day of the entire MBA program. Read more

Mar 16

This measure best reflects our comprehensive efforts to expand into new product segments and foster a customer-creation culture - one that is laser-focused on our riders and fans who are passionate about being overweight and dressing like they didn’t get the callback from the Village People after their audition.” Read more

Mar 10

No worries. I was originally going to include a picture, but... what the hell.

Aug 22

Someone else pointed out something similar, and you (and they) are absolutely right - it’s a dumb idea to go through the engineering/ construction/maintenance pain when there is open land that could be used instead. Read more

Aug 22

and maintenance would be a disaster. How about just buying 2,300 square miles of land, and covering it panels? that is only 48 miles square. Roughly the size of Metro Atlanta. The US already has about 1 MILLION square miles under its authority. Pretty sure we could find 48, have central maintenance, Ideal weather Read more

Nov 5 2014

Unless part of your brake job was replacing a hose or caliper, you shouldn't have to bleed brakes after a brake job - regardless of the vehicle age.