I’m pretty sure if this was legit, they would be using it to help treat people (such as myself) that suffer from fat disorders, such as lipedema, lymphadema and lipo-lymphedema. Read more

Good! I hope he gets his ass handed to him, and learns his lesson. I'm glad you guys are taking action against him! Read more

There's a good chance he feels compelled to act like an ass towards him because your nephew can physically lift more, but the jerk can't rile a reaction from him. I don't know why, but sometimes people think its fun to bully on someone if they're passive when being teased. I agree with you though, its completely out Read more

Ugh. This brings me back to when I was a kiddo about that age. The (adult) guy that lived above us in our apartment used to love torturing me. He would seek out every chance to make me cry, from spitting on me to pouring orange juice down my dress (On my birthday!). One day he took it too far by chasing me through our Read more

We met while playing an MMORPG. We started talking regularly on MSN messenger shortly there after. At the time, I was in a really rocky situation; I was technically homeless and living on my (ancient history) ex boyfriends couch. The house was super crowded as is, my ex and his fiance, their child, her son from a Read more

I can tell you that there are people out there that are legitimately attracted to big women. I'm a very large lady, in the 400lb+ range, and my fiance never misses a moment to express his love for me, and my body.
I'd never really had self esteem issues growing up, but since I've put on weight in my recent years, my Read more

You keep saying "most feminists"... Unless you've met said "most feminists", and have had intimate discussions regarding their sexual preferences, I think claiming what -they- enjoy based on what you've seen online (from a VERY small portion of them, mind you) is a tad bit asinine, don't you? Read more

Ha! Glad to see I'm not the only one out there! :) Read more

I'm on the opposite side of the spectrum- At 23, I met my (now fiance) when he was 17. Four years later, and we're still pretty much joined at the hips happily. His alcoholic mother, however, is incredibly bitter towards me. Not so much because of the 6 year age difference (Although she liked throwing that in my face Read more

I literally had to share that line with my fiance after having a good laugh over it. Read more

The act of mizuage (Which was what you witnessed in Memoirs of a Geisha) is no longer in practice today, and became illegal in 1959. It was often used as a 'coming of age' ceremony for maikos into geikos (Geishas) in the Edo period. Read more

THIS. This so hard. I realized how bad I was at being feminine when a gay male friend knew more about make up and shaping eyebrows and nails than I ever did. I think I missed that day of school when they apparently showed every other female in the world how to do these things. Read more

I was under the impression that good sushi in Japan was more or less saved for special/formal occasions (Business meetings, funerals, graduations, etc). However, I've never been to Japan, and could be wrong on that one. Although I do know that its recommended you don't eat fish more than twice a week due to a chemical Read more

I found myself unable to relate to this article at all, and then it dawned on me that I'm almost never insecure in my relationships. Weeeeiiird. Read more

That was my first thought too. Why not pump it? Read more