Nov 17

I had it for the Apple II, as well. S.A.M. -- Software Activated Mouth, or something like that.

Jul 14

Used to watch this show all the time in it’s glory days, when Discovery was still worth watching....

Jul 14

This this this! Most of the deaths I kind of shrug, but GRANT!? I wasn’t even a huge fan of the show (mostly watched when finding visuals to debunk myths people didn’t want to read articles for), but Grant reminded me of guys I went to high school with. I still can’t believe the news (or that he was almost 50... he Read more

Jun 4

Thank you guys so much for doing something as patently ridiculous as actually buying this thing, and sharing your experience with us. This is exactly the sort of silly escapist fun we all need right now. Keep em coming!

May 28

You hate to see this happen to someone’s passion project. I’ve always found the cult following that certain oddball cars attract to be charming, and a huge part of what makes car culture so cool.