Sep 21

I’m early 40's, tech savvy, and pretty involved in life in general. I don’t have a Facebook account, and almost none of my guy friends seem too either. I’ve never quite gotten the draw, and most of them feel similarly. Read more

Sep 21

About 10 years ago I walked into the cafeteria of a call centre that I had been involved with setting up. Around 30 or 40 staff were sitting at the tables, every single one was looking at their phones. Not one person was speaking, even those sitting at the same table were silently engaged with the device in their Read more

Aug 28

Yes, absolutely.   I don’t need sunrise at 4am during the summer.

Aug 28

Fantastic, except keep the time in daylight savings. The extra hour of light in the evening after work during winter would be a godsend. There are days I go to work in darkness, and leave it the same way.

Aug 20

I submit that your coworker was really a stupid person.

Jul 29

This times 1000. I’m not opposed to video content, obviously that excludes spam like autoplay stuff. But man, just give me a nice concise list if it’ll work.

Oct 17 2019

Leaving aside ownership and who gets what in the event the relationship ends, the best way we’ve discovered is to have a joint checking account that gets the bulk of the funding. Each of us has our own checking account into which we get a stipend. Anything from the household account is consensus-driven. We can spend Read more

Sep 27 2019

Window seat runs the show here. “If you are seated by a window and do not feel capable of normal human interaction in the event of a disagreement, please alert a flight attendant and we will try to accommodate a new seat assignment.” Read more

Jul 18 2019

This article is miscontruing the entire situation and is clearly biased towards one side without properly hearing the other. Read more

May 14 2019

I read the Drew’s today, oh boy
About a plucky man who named the rain
Another dude was rather fat
Well, I just had to laugh
I saw Chris Farley’s ass

A brew is noted for its can
It doesn’t matter if the Lite has changed
A row of people stood at Camden
Now, let me be clear
Nobody is really sure if lemons have two seeds or more

—Th Read more

Mar 21 2019

To the extent possible, I just fly Southwest and have gone out of my way to make it clear to other carriers that I’m avoiding them over this nickel & dime approach. Pissing in the wind, as the saying goes. Read more

Aug 4 2016

Kids need to play in dirt. Big surprise... When was this forgotten?