'Twas the Friday before Xmas
Nov 17 2013

I wanted to share this here in case anyone missed it when it was on Lifehacker. It is totally inspiring to me, to

Nov 12 2013

As I mentioned earlier today, I am trying to raise enough money to cover kitty food and groceries for the next

Nov 2 2013

I just wanted to thank everyone who was so kind to me earlier today right after I lost my job, and everyone who sent

Nov 2 2013

I'm so sad. I was just asking for advice about this job yesterday, but I was optimistic about it. But I just got a

Sep 18 2013

Last night I had a very realistic dream that I was back in college. I showed up for Latin class a few minutes early

Sep 10 2013

This morning I heard back from one of the many places I've applied to over the past month, and they want to have me