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Sep 1 2015

I’m just one caffeine-powered skeptic from a team of caffeine-powered skeptics...

Jun 23 2015

<—-everyone reading the comic

Jun 1 2015

Realistically, every good Windows is an apology for the preceding bad one. They have a consistent pattern of shit/awesome in their releases.

May 26 2015

Rob, Miller was given the rights to Mad Max and Road Warrior by Warner Bros. as part of the deal to drop Justice League. They had no choice but to use Miller since he owned the rights to the character, world, etc. And considering how much money Miller has pulled in for WB with those animated ‘kids’ movies, he still Read more

May 6 2015

Many women don’t continue to buy tickets, actually. And many of them do because they love this genre... but they’d still like to see better representation. And lots of men, including white straight ones would, too- like me. Read more

May 6 2015

Marvel Comics has figured out that if they want to stay in business they need to attract new readers who aren’t white, hetero Christian males. ( All print media is dying, yo! ) Marvel movies are lagging them in enlightenment. I used to be a comic reader in the 80’s and stopped because there was nothing in them to Read more

May 5 2015

It’s the back pedaling and spin that bother me more than the costume. I don’t care if he looks like a banker or wears board shorts and flip flops. Just have faith in your vision and see it through. But they are acting like they think they made a mistake and that worries me more than anything.

Apr 1 2015

That is the Rocket Fuel Malt Liquor of movie posters.

Mar 31 2015

I don't know, while that's certainly true of many of the finales a lot of the mid-season two-parters had a much more fluid feel. The Impossible Planet goes pretty seamlessly into The Satan Pit, same for Human Nature/The Family of Blood and Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead, and most of the early season Read more

Mar 31 2015

His ability to act menacing is not a concern.

Mar 22 2015

Maybe you just can't understand it because you're only using 15 percent of your brain.

Mar 19 2015

It's trading cards or nothing!

Mar 17 2015

Well, shit... there goes the realism.

Feb 6 2015

Good reference. I give it 4/5 meowmeowbeenz.

Feb 26 2013

Now replace "smoking to relax" with "working out to relax" or "taking a hot bath to relax" or "listening to music to relax" or "gardening to relax." Read more