May 11

It’s actually really good, its major flaw is that it should have been a film rather than a series. The individual episodes don’t have any sort of arc to them and it feels like you’re watching one 20-minute chunk of a movie per week. I suspect that’s a big reason it’s not building a lot of buzz, there’s no real Read more

May 9

When I went there in the early/mid 2000's, one of the white tigers woke up, hung its ass over one of the water pools they had that face where the people walk through and pumped out a massive tiger shit like one of those things you pump play-dough through to make different shapes. was...magnificent. To this day, I Read more

May 1

I didn’t even need to listen. I could have told anyone: The Criterion Channel.

Everything else is the equivalent of the low priced dvd bin. You might find a classic but you still have to dig through a lot of crap.

May 1

I’m not listening to any pointless yacking when the contributors could have just, you know, written their thoughts down. Read more

Apr 30

It’s not just a matter of the first 8 seasons of The Simpsons being good, it’s the long shadow they’ve cast culturally and the phenomenon it was at the time. It’s subjective whether Bob’s Burgers is superior, but it’s harder to argue it has as much of an impact on both American society and on other media as The Read more

Apr 30

Nah, those 8 seasons are still the greatest TV show of all time.

Apr 26

I just... I just can’t do it any more guys.  I can’t take any more “fan theories” about dumb shit that’s already got an answer.  I feel like dying.

Apr 25

Hot take, or just the only correct take? Houston's version is very good, don't get me wrong, but if I hear Dolly's version and I'm not properly prepared, my eyes might leak. From allergies, of course. 

Apr 10

The “issue” with The Last Jedi wasn’t ignoring The Force Awakens, but being saddled with the laziness of Awakens. Abrams had no idea for a trilogy, he barely had an idea for that one movie (and that idea was just do A New Hope again, but flashier effects). His storytelling approach has always just been throw shit at Read more

Apr 7

Saul not using his lightning powers during the shootout is a huge plot hole.

Apr 7

Too early for the pants, I believe we’re still years away from Walt entering the picture. Plus they already dropped that easter egg in Ozymandias.

Apr 6

This episode was like a mix of 4 Days Out and Dead Freight. If you see a tarantula in the Vince Gilligan world, bad things are going to happen. Read more

Apr 5

Every day there’s a new version of Pauline Kael’s line about how she doesn’t know how Nixon could have won since she doesn’t know anyone who voted for him.