Aug 9

Seems like everyone involved was grossly unprepared and untrained for a completely forseeable problem. On both sides. But I would have to fault the track workers moreso. You've got to maintain professionalism in the face of a bit of bad attitude. 

Aug 9

You could just have written about the confrontation but at the end you took things further and peppered in some practical advice on how to modify the vehicle to prevent this. The extra effort you put in is noticed and appreciated.

Aug 9

Shocking. I always figured guys who bought Dodge Demons were totally zen and would only go to tracks after journaling their feelings and embracing their inner children, and then only to help others there self-actualize their potential. This comes as a great surprise.

Jul 26 2019

And about 20 minutes away from some bomb ass gas station tacos on 85. Well a taco shop AT a gas station but’s a must when going through. Taqueria Lucha Libre ftw. 

Jul 26 2019

Pretty much every sports car made gets redlined by test drivers or lot boys with 10 miles on them. Sometimes after sitting all winter with a 1/2 gallon of shitty gas in the tank. Yet, no one has come up with a reliable test for determining if the break in procedure was followed. Read more

Jul 23 2019

Sexy mid-engine sports car with an American small block and manual transaxle? I guess it’s back to Panteras for me then.

Jul 9 2019

Dude.  It was just a joke.  No need to bring his failure to pay his bills into it.

Apr 26 2019

Honestly, I feel like the buyers of these cars would have more fun with a stripped/prepped Miata and a normal M3 instead of paying for the CS M3

Feb 12 2019

So the Z4/Supra only get the B58, but the X4 and the X3 get the S58 with like an extra hundred horsepower.  Because SUV’s need more power than sports cars I guess.

Jan 31 2017

The timing of this is perfect. Last night my 10 year old enlightened me on his theory that every pit stop for Lightning McQueen was the equivalent of hand and foot transplant surgery, and he must be a tough guy.