4:39 PM

I mean, it might be that they are required by TSA policy to go through the whole speech as a liability thing, protection from lawsuits sorta thing. Just in general, if the drones are doing a thing that seems pointless and annoying for everyone involved, it’s because their bosses have threatened to fire them if they Read more

9:54 PM

Guessing its some kind of anti-hop kit, which says there is something wrong with how they lowered it. Even back in 04 Ford made the rear suspension in such a way it was sweet to drive like a teenager with a borrowed car. I mean I’ve intentionally drifted mine on dry pavement and I got to say it enters and exits the Read more

9:28 PM

I feel this article is lacking a bit of detail about this thing. I’d love to know specific powertrain modifications and more importantly the suspension differences that we can see a sneak peak of in a few of those pictures.

9:03 PM

I’m gonna disagree with you here. This wasn’t a racing incident. It was purely Sebs fault. Just because you are in front doesn’t give you complete run of the track. If there is a guy next to you he has the right to his bit of track and he doesn’t need to change his line because you move over on him. Secondly It was Read more

3:36 PM

I am going to blame the ground crew for not getting the tire pressure correct with a digital gauge on the left main gear causing it to skid.

3:08 PM

They take the plane out back - behind Terminal 2 - and put it out of it’s misery.

2:42 PM

Great the Barbarian again... yay... I wonder if he’s going to have whirlwind... but fuck ya Druid! I loved the Druid in D2. They’re my favorite class by far. Elemental magic, shape shifting, and pets oh hell ya! The versatility of the builds was great.

2:26 PM

I’d rather it go back to how 2 was rather than continue along the path 3 went down. But it is an exercise in futility, because I’m not changing my mind toward Activision and Blizzard. Their games aren’t worth it, even if they are amazing (which more often than not nowadays they aren’t).

12:25 PM

no booze is fine, you are right. What is not fine is making people wear heels and then pay for booze. That is rude

11:42 AM

I’d like to take this opportunity to remind everyone of the year when President Obama met Lil’ Pope...

10:52 AM

Esther, what are you sitting here slandering Hershey’s chocolate as the worst Halloween candy when Charleston Chew, Good & Plenty, Bit-o-Honey and Necco Wafers are floating around? Not to say anything of raisins!

If Hersheys is the worst you can conjure, you grew up in some high end trick or treating territory.

9:53 PM

God, I hope that "lock him up" chant burned its way into his insecure little facsimile of a soul and we get a torrent of rage tweets about it tomorrow. HOOK IT TO MY VEINS!

9:55 PM

This is absurd, racing in formula E doesn’t save the environment. The carbon footprint of a formula series has little to do with the fuel the race cars burn or not burn. It’s all the factories and trucks, airplanes, boats that it takes to put on the series. In Formula E you have two cars for every driver so it might Read more