Jul 3

Maybe for night driving? As red does not cause your eyes to adjust to light or something. 

Jun 23

Cards Against Humanity co-founder quits after ______ over _______

Jun 8

My Dad had a 61 hardtop - the original of this series. Those suicide doors were iconic. To me this is heresy, sorta like:

Feb 15

99% 95% sure it’s a piezoelectric shock sensor for an aftermarket alarm.  I can’t find an exact match.

Feb 13

#2: the transmission would probably destroy itself with that torque (almost double what the FA20 peaked at)

Jan 16

Jameela Jamil. She already laid waste to any thought of bake talent when she appeared in the holiday episode, but she seems like she’d be good at egging people on and could stand up to Noel’s lunacy.

Jan 16

I love Noel, he’s a delightful pixie here to make us all smile.

Jan 15

Swatting is low level terrorism. It needs to be prosecuted that way.

Jan 15

To think they have the audacity to compare other people to primates. He could have been the stunt double for the monkey kid in the ‘90s Jumanji without makeup.

Jan 15

“ADL assists police in arresting Nazi Gamer who hung out on Steam”

The uproar from PewDiePie fans about that donation is starting to make a whole lot of sense.

Dec 11

I mean, it might be that they are required by TSA policy to go through the whole speech as a liability thing, protection from lawsuits sorta thing. Just in general, if the drones are doing a thing that seems pointless and annoying for everyone involved, it’s because their bosses have threatened to fire them if they Read more

Dec 6

Guessing its some kind of anti-hop kit, which says there is something wrong with how they lowered it. Even back in 04 Ford made the rear suspension in such a way it was sweet to drive like a teenager with a borrowed car. I mean I’ve intentionally drifted mine on dry pavement and I got to say it enters and exits the Read more

Dec 6

I feel this article is lacking a bit of detail about this thing. I’d love to know specific powertrain modifications and more importantly the suspension differences that we can see a sneak peak of in a few of those pictures.